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East Lea St. Mary's 1977-8

Sincere thanks to Rob Jolley for supplying this photo. Sorry about the water damage to Mrs Waddington! Has anyone got a perfect copy?

Back row: 1. Ian Harrison, 2. Theresa Robinson. 3. Gillian Bush, 4. Julian Greenwood, 5. Julie Barker, 6.Caroline Gibbs, 6. Fiona Muir, 7. Stuart Desborough, 8. Audrey Deli Gatti, 9. Lesley Bird, 10 John Strowbridge. Middle  row: 1. Mr. Astbury, 2. Lloyd Tailby, 3. Nick Needle, 4. Gary McCarthy, 5. Nigel York, 6. Lee Sharp, 7. Robert Jolley, 8. Theresa Wright, 9. Peter Evans, 10. Christopher Robinson, 11. Darren Incles, 13. Mrs Waddington. Front row: 1.Deborah Fowell, 2 Christine Hughes, 3. Helen Richards, 4. Jenny Smith, 5. Ashley Skelly, 5. Kate Burdett, 6. Louise Pinnock, 7. Vanessa Armstrong, 8. Karen Osborne, 9. Amanda Evans, 10. Deborah Creasy. Seated in front: Paul Knibbs

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