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Data researched and compiled by Maureen Moore, 2006

Admissions to Finedon Road
Infants School 1898-1935

Finedon Road Infants School - opened as a school, functioned as a chapel from 1935 to the 1960s

The following pages are the transcription of the Admission Book to Finedon Road Infants School.  There are two versions of the information: the index list in name order, with admission number and date of birth, and the full list in order of admission, with details of parents, address date of leaving, etc.  The admission number is the link between the two, allowing easy cross-reference.

While copying the school register it was discovered that the admission numbers did not always follow on or were duplicated, this was usually because:

  • the child was to young to be at school
  • the child was removed from school then re-admitted at a later date
  • the information given to the teacher on admission was wrong

There are therefore sometimes multiple entries for the same child – either on the same admission number or different numbers.  The multiple entries under the same number are indicated by an asterisk(*) after the child’s name in the name-order lists. They are worth following up because they sometimes include different information – mother’s name instead of father’s, change of address, etc.  The entries under the different numbers have been retained, for easy identification.

During research we found that from 1923 to 1935 well over a hundred children with London addresses lodged with families around Burton Latimer.  These seem to be part of the activities of the Winter Distress League, which in the Depression periods of the 1920s and 1930s brought children from London for 12-week holidays in Burton Latimer. The League's local representative was Mrs Annie Potter. While the children were on their vacation in Burton, their education was continued at places like the Finedon Road Infants School.

Photo from 1923, showing Annie Daniels, Doris Daniels, and two of the children from London - Olive and Lily Webb - who arrived in March 1923 as part of the work of the Winter Distress League
Two of the children who came from London

Olive and Lily Webb (admission numbers 801 and 800), pictured
during their stay in 1923 with the Daniels family in Finedon Street.
Also pictured here are Annie and Doris Daniels.

Lily and Olive returned a year later. They were given new
admission numbers - 825 and 826 - and were placed with
Mrs Goodman in Rosebery Street.

Photo courtesy of Tony Russell

At Northamptonshire Record Office, along with the registers, there was a punishment book. This was for the period 1910-1912, and only six names appeared in it. They appear at the end of the date listings. If there were any other books, so far we have been unable to find them.

Admissions - Name Order
Admissions - Admission Order

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