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Article from local paper December 1951 transcribed by Sally Crane

Fundraising for Church School

Church Must Find Over £5000

 To Make Burton C. of E. School  State aided

 To keep Burton Latimer Church of England Schools under its jurisdiction, the church has to raise £5,250 – half of the sum necessary for structural alterations to the premises under State-aided status.

 At the quarterly meeting of the Parochial Church Council the question was discussed as to whether the Church Schools, now included in the County Development Plan by the Ministry of Education, should accept State-aided status or the alternative of controlled status.

 Under the county plan, the school would be kept on as a junior school.

Although the total cost of structural alterations to the school under State-aided status would be £10,500, half of which would have to be raised by the church, the school managers had decided to accept that status.


Parochial Church Councillors were unanimous in supporting them as they considered it preferable to keep the schools under the jurisdiction of the church.

 They resolved to make every effort to help raise the money.

Mr. And Mrs. R. Aveling were appointed joint secretaries of a committee to run functions to help raise funds for the School Reconstruction Fund.

 Among suggestions for raising money was an annual bazaar.

 However, parishioners will be given an opportunity to discuss the matter fully at a meeting in the school on January 14th.

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