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Meadowside Infants School
Class 1984-5

Meadowside Infants School - Unidentified Class 1984-5

We were told that this photo is of a class in 1984-5, but had no further information on most of the children or the teacher, though Kieran Harmon gave us half a dozen names for starters, and Beccy Carter added a few more. We are indebted to Stewart Greenaway for completing all the final missing names.

Back row: 1.Daniel Hill, 2. Carly Towns, 3. Madeline Parker, 4. James Tarry, 5. Dawn Ambler, 6. Matthew Blythe, 7. …………….?

Third row: 1. Chantelle Martin, 2. Helen Gunn, 3. Adrian Chester, 4. Glenn Jack, 5. Michael Beckett, 6. Andy Carter

Second row: 1. Kirsteen Boyce, 2. Kelly Atkins, 3. Gareth Whiteman 4. Russel Tomlinson, 5. Laura Askew, 6. John Partridge

Front row: 1. Anna Italiano, 2. Heather Streather, 3. Stewart Greenaway, 4. Shelley Rowlands, 5. Emma Berry, 6. Sarah Tilcock

Can anyone name the teacher in this photo? Please get in touch.

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