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Meadowside Infants Class - 1990

This photograph was sent to us by Kate Earl who has also been able to give all the names except the teacher's. Can you help with this?

Back row: 1 Stuart McDowell, 2 David McKnight, 3 Kate Earl, 4 Daniel Purdy, 5 Jason Coomber, 6 Bradley Joyce, 7 Barry Tompkins

Middle row: 1 Gemma Scott, 2 Sam Cunningham, 3 Denis Newman, 4 Danny Graver, 5 Tony Lewellyn, 6 Rachel Almond, 7 Rebecca Sandy, 8 Louise Scott, 9 Zoe Ashby

Front row: 1 Hayley Chester, 2 Craig Ashby, 3 Nicola Craddock, 4 Dean Italiano, 5 Kirk Brindley, 6 Jay Brown, 7 Mark Parsons, 8 Lisa Caffrey, 9 Erin Kemel

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