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Meadowside Infants Class
circa 1993/4

Thanks to our Facebook members many names have been supplied for this Meadowside Infants claas which is thought to be about 1993 or 1994. Please help with the missing names if you can or tell us if we have got anything wrong or mis-spelt The Facebook picture mistakenly started the front row with another number 24 so the front row names are more likely to wrong than the others.

1 .........? 2 Mark Tetley, 3 Joshua Walding, 4 Thomas Kirk, 5 Tom Chandler, 6 Max Smith, 7 Jamie Chapman, 8 Lucy Hammond, 9 .........? 10 Carly Letch, 11 Kelly Hull, 12 Emma Wittering, 13 .........? 14 Jennifer Amos, 15 Brodie Boyce, 16 Leigh Staples, 17 Nikki Owen, 18 Lee Nicholson, 19 Billy Dwight, 20 .........? 21 Michael Mellors, 22 Philip Mitchell, 23 Nicholas ...? 24 Caris Mitchell, 25 Sarah....? 26 Rebecca King, 27 Sarah Walker, 28 .........? 29 Emily Marlow, 30 Laura Jackson

Below is an un-numbered photograph

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