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Meadowside Infants
Mrs. Elliott's Class 1977

Thanks to comments left on our Facebook page by Rachel Kingsnorth, Melanie Moore, Matthew Pollard, Katie Smith and Nathan Moisey most names have been added to a previously blank sheet.

L-R back row: 1 Tracey Hughes 2 Victoria Johnson 3 Neil Fuocco 4 Gregory Wines 5 Steve Elliott ? 6 Nick Busby 7 David Scott 8 Nathan Moisey 9 Martin Davis
Middle row: 1 Andrew Knowland 2 Russell Becks 3 Adam Clifton 4 ......... 5 Marretje Wittering 6 Jo or Amanda Perkins 7 Sarah Gater 8 Martin Webb 9 Lisa Whitney 10 Claire Dixon 11 Craig Dukes

Bottom row: 1 ......... 2 ......... 3 Jenny Marlow 4 James Dent 5 Dean Hindwood 6 Kerry-Ann Jones 7 Christopher King 8 ..........? 9 Jaquie Callow 10 Richard Hull

If you can help fill in the gaps please get in touch.

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