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Meadowside Junior School
Mr. Gosden's Class 4P - 1974

Kindly supplied by Steve Winter who remembers it as an assembly production with pupils who were in children's organisations.
The names are, as he says his "best attempt at naming but it might not be 100% accurate"

Back row: 1 Deborah Smith? 2 .........? 3 Stella Wallington, 4 Deborah Randle? 5 Karen Bird, 6 Hazel Lyon? 7 Steven Winter,
8 Jacqueline Laffey, 9 Jacqueline Robinson, 10 .........? 11 Carol Anne Locke, 12 Richard Tildesley, 13 Sally Waite? 14 Carl Sturman,
1 .........? 16 .........? 17 Clifford Ward, 18 Tracy Laing, 19 Beverly Smith, 20 Andrew McReddy, 21 David Wood(s)? 22 Michael
Waterfield, 23 Gary Thornton-Lane, 24 Neil Sharman. Front row: 1 Adrian Neale, 2 Ian Loasby, 3 Julie Northern, 4 Abigail Amos,
5 Wendy Hearne.

Please contact if you can help in correcting any inaccuracy or fill in a blank.

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