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Meadowside Junior School
Mrs Gray's Class : 1999

Meadowside Junior School 1999 - Mrs Grey's Class

Our thanks to Janet Meads Jr for sharing this photo and supplying nearly all the names, and to Camelia Butler for filling in the last remaining blank.

Back row: 1. Ryan Pover, 2, Nathan Chapman, 3. Luke Howard, 4. Jake Gratton, 5. Sam Mayes, 6. Camelia Butler, 7. Sophie Hull, 8. Daniel Hodgkins, 9. Mrs. Grey.

Middle row: 1. Emma Bowyer, 2. Amy Rose, 3. Jack Oldfield, 4. Aaron George, 5. Polly Buller, 6. Natasha Whitney, 7. Chenise Dunbar, 8. Hannah Meads.

Front row seated: 1. Thomas Wilson, 2. James Moriarty, 3. Jemma Hindwood, 4. Chelsey Brown,5. Alex Howard, 6. Charlie Atkins, 7. Connor Hill, 8. Jamie Stevens.

Seated on the floor: 1. Sam Dority, 2. Emily Cooper, 3. Elliot Ford, 4. Jordan Johnson.

Could you help us fill in the last blank? Please get in touch.

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