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Meadowside Junior School
Class 5G : 2000-1

Meadowside Junior School 2000-1 - Class : 5G

Back row: 1. Joe Pearson 2. Sherin Rubenzer 3. Samantha Northern 4. Anna Cardin 5. Jake Owen 6. Ashley Murdin 7. Jordan Atkins

3rd row: 1. Bradley Chahal 2. Becky Styman 3. Mark Linnell 4. Lucy Peden 5. Lauretta Coles 6. Gemma Ablett   7. Thomas Kelland  8. Sian Parker

2nd row:  1. Taylor Smith 2. Dominic Loak 3. Jamie Ashcroft 4. Zoe Thomas, 5. Rachel Lewis 6. Dale Foster 7. Caitlin Smith 8. Shelbi Hastie

Front row: 1. Andrew Evans 2. Scott Wells 3. Leanne Chapman 4. Carlie Hadley 5. Alex Hawkes 6. Steven Taylor

Our thanks to Joely Hanney for supplying nearly all the names, when all we originally had were only three! Finally, Dominic Loak has supplied Thomas Kelland's name and has suggested it is Miss Astley's class to complete the details.

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