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Written by John and Jan Meads

Burton Latimer 1851 Census


Edward Quincey in 1857
Officially, the 1851 census listed everyone who was in the house at midnight on 30 March. It provides far more information for genealogists and family historians than that held in 1841. New personal information includes: the relationship to the head of household, marital status, age at previous birthday, county of birth and place of birth. Disabilities are also noted. As in 1841, the enumerator was Edward Quincey, innkeeper at the Red Cow Inn.

The census shows that there were 227 households, ten unoccupied houses and 1007 inhabitants, comprising 502 males and 505 females. The oldest man was Thomas Burnaby a Relieving Officer, who was 76 and the oldest woman, Ruth Eady, an annuitant, was 85.  There were 20 ‘Farm Boys’ under the age of 15 including Joseph Eady, aged 6 and Abraham Northern, aged 7. There were 169 children recorded as scholars or at school. The main occupations were farm- and land-related and accounted for 204 men and boys, but there were also over 40 men and boys employed in shoemaking. 43 women and girls had occupations related to lacemaking.

As in the transcription of the 1841 Census, we have also added a first column reference number. This is our indexing, not part of the official census. However, by using it for the demarcation of each house or household, it allows the names to be re-sorted into alphabetical order for easy location and to remain cross-referenced to the household in the original census list.

The enumerator’s schedule described the district to be covered as:

Burton Lattimer Parish - The whole of the Parish of Burton Lattimer - including Hanbury's Lodge, Harper's Lodge, The Roundhouse, Orton's Lodge, Rectory Farm, Fairey's Lodge, The Windmill & Cottages, Carpet Manufactory & Cottages, Abbott's Water Mill, The Hall, High Street and Yards, Well Lane, Church End, The Rectory, Meeting Lane, Croxen's Row, Bevan's Cottages, and the Calais.

Abbreviations and conventions

Spelling and abbreviation of names are as in the original. Relationship to head of family is self-explanatory but Natl = natural and some complicated descriptions have been moved to the wider Occupations column. In the Marital Condition column Mar = married; U = unmarried; W = widow; Widr = widower. In the Age column mo = month. Occupation column: Lab = labourer and Ag Lab = Agricultural labourer.  The Chapman County Code has been used instead of the full name for counties. Wherever it is found, U.K. = unknown (by the enumerator) and difficult to read words are followed by ‘?’

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