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John Meads 2020
Obituaries, Inquests and Funerals - T

Note: these entries are not always in chronological or alphabetical order

George Alfred Talbutt
Northampton Herald 7 August 1936
Arthur T Tailby
Northampton Herald 9 Sept 1932
Harry Tailby funeral
Northampton Mercury 16 Feb 1934
Martha Tailby funeral
Northampton Mercury 5 Oct 1934
Death of Mr. J. E. Taylor at Burton Latimer
For 65 years a member of the choir of Burton Latimer Baptist
Church and an ardent worker for many causes in the town. Mr.
John Eben Taylor of High Street, Burton Latimer died on Tues-
day at the age of 85. He was the father of Mr. Harold Taylor,
manager of the Kettering Clothing Co-operative Society and
Councillor J. E. Taylor, President of the Burton Latimer
Co-operative Society. Mr. Taylor had been ill for some time
and was taken worse about a week ago. For many years in
business himself and a hand sewn bootrnaker, he made the
best type of boot for customers in and around Kettering, and
his cobbler’s shop , where the Co-operative Society‘s main
premises now are, was almost a landmark. As an old Chartist,
he suffered for his principles, particularly in 1878, and strug-
gled hard in the cause of the early hand sewn bootmakers.
He played a part in the education struggle in 1899-1900 and
always an enthusiastic politician, he was never ashamed of
his early radicalism. For many years Mr. Taylor was one of the
pillars of Burton Latimer Baptist Church, and was for 65 years
a member of the choir. He was passionately fond of music
Festivals. When he resigned from the choir, a presentation
was made to him. Mr. Taylor was a deacon of the Church
and rendered splendid service, being responsible for 40 years
for the major part of the finances of the Church.
He was an ardent worker in connection with the Oddfellows,
and in their early struggles took a prominent part.
Cricket was his favourite sport, and until recent years he
always attended local matches. Mrs. Taylor died in 1914 and
the children surviving are Mrs. Herbert Whitney, Burton
Latimer, Mrs. H. L. Fox, Stockingford, Mrs. M. Clarke, Kettering,
Mrs S. L. Austin, Wollaston, Mr. P. W. Taylor, Burton Latimer,
Councillor J. E. Taylor, Burton Latimer and Mr. H Taylor of
Kettering. The funeral is to take place at Burton Latimer
Baptist Church at 1 pm on Saturday. Mr. W. D. Piper, High
Street, Burton Latimer has the funeral arrangements in hand.
John Eben Taylor obituary
Thomas William Tee inquest
Northampton Mercury 1 Oct 1920
William Toseland Inquest
Northampton Herald 30 July 1870
James Toseland's accident
Northampton Mercury 11 April 1924
William A Tomkins
Evening Telegraph 26 June 1957
Thomas Tapsell
Northampton Mercury 20 Jan 1942
W.C. Tharle
Northampton Mercury 13 Dec 1940
Alfred Turner
Northampton Mercury 25 Jan 1907
Laura Tilley
Derby Daily Telegraph 8 July 1946

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