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Whellan's Directory - 1849

Only a few addresses were given in this directory but, to aid the researcher, modern locations have
been given [in brackets] where later documentation for the same person or site have provided them.
Richard ASHNESS [High Street, The Poplars] Gent
Ann BARBER    Infant School
Ann BARBER Mrs [44 High Street]  
James BATTLE   Baker & Joiner
Valentine BLENCOE   Gent
William BOLLARD   Tailor
John BRITTON   Farmer & grazier
Ann BRYAN   Retailer
Richard BUCKBY   Blacksmith & shopkeeper
Thomas BURNABY   Letter receiver
Eliza COLES   Milliner
T COLES   Machine proprieter
T COLLINS jnr   Carpenter
T COLLINS senr Red Cow Victualler and butcher
J CROXEN Dukes Arms Victualler
  DAVIS & CO [North Mill, now Weetabix] Worsted Mill
Edward DICKENS Waggon & Horses Victualler & wheelwright
Samuel DICKINSON   Shoemaker
Thomas DOWNING [Buccleuch Farm, Higham Road] Farmer & grazier
J DOWNING   Plumber & glazier
Moses I EADY [Windmill, Cranford Rd] Miller
J EADY   Gardener & shopkeeper
Mary EADY   Schoolmistress
Thomas EADY   Butcher
Edmund EADY   Farmer & grazier
Thomas EADY   Farmer & grazier
John EADY   Farmer & grazier
John FAIREY Burton Lodge [The Wold] Farmer & grazier
John GLOVER   Wheelwright
Lattimer HARPUR Rev Burton Hall  
Richard HILL   Blacksmith
T HUGHES Round House Victualler
William LINNELL [Wold Road] Farmer & grazier
Stephen MASON   Watchmaker & druggist
William MAY Revd. [Meeting Lane] Baptist Minister
Sarah MEE   Milliner
James MILLER   Shopkeeper
Sarah MILLER Horse & Groom Victualler
John MORPHEW Rev   Curate
Edward OSWIN [The Cross] Shopkeeper
Thomas Giles QUINCEY   Baker
Edward QUINCEY [High Street] Baker/butcher/shopkeeper
Samuel ROBINSON   Baker
William SHARP   Shoemaker
John STOKES [151 High Street] Farmer & grazier
Joseph SUDBOROUGH [High Street] Farmer & grazier
George TALBUT [Church Street] Baker
H WALPOLE [South Mill] Miller
Edward WIGNELL [The Cross, Osborne House] Farmer/grazier/butcher

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