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John Meads 2014
Workplace Details From The
1911 Census

Enumerator's Summary Book 1911
An Enumerator's Summary Book

Although the 1911 Census provides us with a wealth of facts about our forebears' domestic situations and occupations, it does not usually tell us where they worked. The householders were told to enter their occupation but unless they were employed by a public body it was not necessary to state the name of their employer. Luckily for us, in addition to those who were working in 'the public sector' as we would call them today, some took no notice and stated their workplace and who employed them and these examples are shown below.

Bailey Edward 44 Ironstone Company Clerk [Cranford]
Beck Charles 50 Iron Ore worker Staveley Company
Boardman Joseph 50 Head Teacher County Council
Boardman Violet Mary 24 Elementary School teacher County Council
Bugby Reginald Edward 23 Railway clerk Midland Railway
Butlin George 68 Labourer on Roads Rural District Council
Capps Thomas A. S. 31 Water Works engineer Kettering R.D.C.
Carter Edgar 38 Schoolmaster. Asst. County Council
Chamberlain Arthur 29 Labourer County Council
Coles Gwendoline S.A. 25 Elementary teacher County Council
Dawes Frederick William 36 Assistant Schoolmaster County Council
Drew Elizabeth 34 Elementary Head Teacher County Council
Evans Frank 23 Shoe Clicker Coles Boot Co.
Floyd Frederick 51 Ironstone labourer Burton Ironstone Co.
Floyd James Frederick 25 Shoe Hand Coles Shoe Works
Floyd George 18 Tailoring ….. Off Ideal Works
Floyd Minnie Elsie 13 Machinist Tailoring Ideal Works
Freestone Winifred Eliza 19 Teacher County Council
Gilliat Ida 23 Assistant Infant teacher County Council
Gross Margaret Annie 47 Elementary Teacher County Council
Harris Archibald 42 Teacher (Cert.) Elementary School County Council
Henman John 43 Shoe hand Whitney & Westley
Henman Ralph 29 Baker Burton Latimer Co-operative Society
Henman Samuel 53 Sexton St. Mary’s Church
Hodson Marcia 28 Elementary teacher County Council
Holland Rose 37 Clothing factory Hart & Levy
Holland Edith 27 Clothing factory Hart & levy
Howard Herbert William 29 Iron Ore labourer Clay Cross Co. Quarry
Jacobs William 37 Ganger Platelayer Midland Railway
Janes Richard Walter 26 Teacher (Assistant) County Council
Knight Walter 27 Grocery manager Co-operative Society
Lewis Alice Rachel 31 School teacher County Council
Lewis Mabel Elizabeth 29 School teacher County Council
Lewis Edith Matilda 27 School teacher County Council
Marriott Arthur 36 Carpenter Excelsior Stone Co.
Marriott Charley 44 Shoe Laster Coles Boot Factory
Marriott Tom 29 Farm labourer Horse keeper Black Lodge Farm
Mason George 62 Ironstone labourer Burton Ironstone Co.
Meads William 46 Caretaker County Council Education Committee
Meads Thomas William 18 Teaching Student (part-time) County Council
Munn Samuel 69 Postman General Post Office
Norton Fred 17 Pupil teacher County Council
Robinson Joseph 58 Roadman County Council
Sail Bertha Ellen 27 Fitter Buckby Bros. Boot Manufacturer
Sail Lydia Maud 22 Machinist Buckby Bros. Boot Manufacturer
Sail Beatrice Marian 19 Machinist Mrs L Wallis Cloth. Factory
Sail James Solomon 18 Under cowman Mr. Hutchinson Burton Latimer
Sail John William 15 Carter for Mr. J. Meadows Burton Latimer
Sail Walter Donald 14 works in Coles Boot Factory
Sawyer George 63 Railway labourer Midland Railway
Stokes John Thomas 44 Road Man Northants County Council
Stokes Charles 48 Co-operative Society Secretary
Stokes Frederick William 37 Assistant Overseer and Clerk Parish Council
Sturman George R 48 Manager Ideal Clothiers
Sturman Mary L 52 Manageress Ideal Clothiers
Tailby Alfred Thomas 59 Provisions & General Hardware Manager Co-operative Society
Talbutt George James 24 Elementary teacher Urban District Council
Toseland Alfred 38 Club manager Band Club
Vickers Herbert Charles 33 Butcher Manager Co-op Society
Ward William 60 Ganger Midland Railway Wagon Works
Whiting George 62 General labourer County Council
York James Capps 41 Manager Coal Dept. Co-operative Society
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