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From National Archives - transcribed by Janet Meads 2020
The Will of Edward Reve
Part of the copy of Edward Reve's will held at the National Archives. His surname is also given as Rene.
He and his family are mentioned in the Parish Registers but his occupation is not given. However, this will seems
to indicate that he was a successful farmer who held the lease of the farm in which he lived but that he also owned
considerable property in Burton latimer

In the name of Godde Amen the twentie day of November in the year of our Lorde Godde a thousand fyve hundreth fiftie and nyne. I Edward Reve of Burton Latymer in the Countie of Northampton being of perfect mynd and good remembrance Godde be praised for ye same do ordeigne and makys to be my last Will and Testament in maner and form followyng. ffyrst I bequeath my soul unto Godd the ffather, and Godd the holly goost three personnes and but one Godd, trustyng and believyng to be savyd by the merittes of his passion, and my bodie to be buried before my seate in my parishe churche of Burton aforesaid. Item I give the mother Church of Peterborough four pence. Item to the hye Aultare of my parish church twelve pence. Item to the reparations of the said church six shillings eight pence. Item to the reparations of the bells, three shillings four pence. Item I will that there be brued and baked at my buriall three quarters of mault, two quarters of headcorn and that there be kylled four of my best sheep, a flecked heyffer or one of my best steeres and to be distributed amongest my neiboures and the poor people of the sayd town to pray for my soule and all christen souls. Item I gyve to every coteor dwellyng within the said paryshe occupiyng no land to his house twelve pence and at Christmas time three moneths next after my death, to every coteor being poore, twelve pence. Item I gyve unto Elizabeth my wife four of my best kyne that she will take, thirtie ewes, tenn lambs, ten theyves or sheerehogges of the best and all the said cattell to goo uppon the commons of the farm that I now dwell in, during her naturall lief if my lease so long continue. Item to the sayde Elizabeth I do give the bedde whole that she lieth on and one fether bedde that lieth at ffulsthams house over the butterie, two kenerynges belongyng to her bedds, the one Tappestrie Woole the other a redde of her owne makynge foure payer of sheets two table clothes, two towells, one courde the other fyne, sixe napkquins, two coffers the one she brought the other the best shape cheese chest she will choyse. Item I give unto the sayd Elizabeth the moitie and half of all my brass potts and panns, five pewter dyshes, six pewter platters six sawsers, a little spitte a payre of little cobberttes with all the polen, two sowes, two bredes, and one of the best hoggs readye fedde. Item I gyve unto the sayde Elizabeth one house latily in the tenure of one William Lenerocke called Lenerocks house with a close thereto belonging for the term of twentie yeares yf she live so long without payeng annye rent for the same duryng her saide lief, And she for time to departe out of this wourld, or ever my sayd yeres ended or expired that they the said house and the close to remayne and come unto Robert Reve. Item I will that whosoever have the interest of my farm which I now dwell in shall yerlie during her lief if my sayde yeres do contynewe so long pay unto the sayde Elizabeth twentie strykes of mault, fyftene strykes of barley, half a quarter of rye and one stryke of weet without payeing anythyng for the same, foure loades of hard fyer wood to be carried from my yard to her yard. Item I wyll that he that occupy my sayd farm shall durynge the tyme aforesaid provyde yearlie three loades of fyer wood, two loads heye and one load of barlye strawe, and the sayde woode, heye and strawe to be carried at the whole costes and charges of him or those that shall occupie my sayde farm. Item I give unto my sayde wife a theyle to make a table and so manie bordes as shall make her necesserye for formes and stooles and one bedstedde, a turkye cocke and a henne. Item I give unto the sayde Elizabeth my wife tenne pounds of readie moneye to be payde within one yere next after my buriall which saide other gyfts above sayde, shalbe delyvered to her within one moneth next after my deathe. Item I will unto Robert Wryght and his syster the children of Elizabeth Wryght of London joyntlie together in money fyve poundes to be delivered within one yeare next and ymmediatelie after my deathe. Item I gyve unto Thomas Chandler the house called Smythes house, with foure yarde lande and halfe, and to entre in the same at the feaste of Saynte Michaell tharchangell immediatelie after my deathe durynge suche interest and terme as I had or have in the same and payeng yearly eight and twentie shillings, foure pence. I give unto John Mass my house that Andrew Olde dyd dwell in, from the day of his entre untyll the end and terme of nyne yeares with a cloosse and two yarde lande with theire appurtenances durynge the saide yeares paying .......... for the same ....... and after the sayde yeares expired then I will the sayde house cloosse and two yarde remayne and come unto John Chandler the younger durynge my interest in the same. Item I will that the sayde John Chandler shall receave of the sayde Message durynge hys terme two shillings, eight pence, on and before the annuall and yearlie rent. Item I give to the sayde John Chandler in readie monie fourtie shillings and foure sheep. Item I give unto Thomas Chandler my house that Smythe dyd dwell in with foure yarde lande and halfe, to enter at the feaste of Saynt Michaell tharchangell next after my death durynge suche interest and terme as I have or hadde in same payenge the rents yearelye for the same. Item I will that Robert Tesdalle shall have at the age of one and twentie yeares, twelve poundes whiche was put in to my hands saffely to kepe. Item I will that Margerie Tesdalle shall have twentie poundes whiche was in lyke maner put in to my hands to kepe and to be delivered after the rate of five pounds yearlie durynge the space of foure yeares next after my deathe. I give unto everye Godsonne and Goddaughter one sheepe. Item I gyve to Thomas Humfre my Godsonne twentie shillings. Item I give unto William Reve my brother Thomas sonne and unto Alice his syster sixe poundes. Item I gyve unto Thomas Personns my cosey (cousin?) the farme that Walter Edy dwelleth in and the house that Bette dwelleth in and my water mylle durynge suche terme of yeares as I have yet to come in the same payenge the yearelye rentes for theme durynge terme and to enter at the feaste of Saynt Michaell tharchangell next after my deathe. And the sayde Thomas Personnes for time to departe oute of this worlde, then I will the terme abovesayde unto William Personnes and Henrie Personnes. Item I gyve unto the saide William Persons fyve pounds. Item I gyve unto Wyllet yet my servant one quarter barlye and foure sheepe. Item I gyve unto Mrs Clewes my Lorde Vaux yt which ys daughter, sixe poundes, thirtene shillings, foure pence. I gyve unto Thomas my myller twentie shillings. Item I gyve unto two of my brother Charles(?) daughters joynethe together xls and all the stuffe that I receaved of theires. Item I gyve unto Roberte ffawkener my servant twentie shilling. Item I wyll that Edwarde Wyckeley shall have foure peices of sylver plate that ys to saye two trenchers, a goblett, a little maser with a bannde of sylver, a baye horse the price twentie shillings, three sheepe as they rune. Item I gyve the sayde Edwarde of my owne proper gooddes, sixe poundes, thirtene shillings, foure pence. Item I gyve unto Lawrence Chaundeler fourtie shillings. Item I gyve unto Edwarde Plowewright my godson two calves of two yere old a peice and three sheepe. Item I give unto Thomas Plowewright his brother two bullocks of two yere olde a peice and thre sheepe. Item I gyve unto Ellin Plowewright twentie shillings. Item I gyve unto Thomas Reve of London in moneye foure poundes. Item I gyve unto Alice Reve his syster fourtie shillings and if the saide Thomas her brother for time to departe thys worlde, then I will the saiede bequest of her brother unto her, and yf she dye then Thomas to her parte. Item I give unto Thomas Chandeler a baye horse called Copper Nose. Item I gyve to Elizabeth Wysdyche twentie shillings and a weynynge cowcalfe. Item I give to Mr Robert Penurton of Rusden sixe and twentie shillings, eight pence. Item I give to Wyllete Lucke, a browne cowe called Barker and fyve hoggerylls. Item my will ys that the gyfts before sett out to my servants or heareafter to be given, ys on and before theyre wages, that I do owe theme. Item I give to Henrie Persons the house that Willet Bregge dyd dwell in with a yarde lande belongynge to the same, durynge suche terme of yeares as yet to come, and to entre at the feaste of Saynte Michaell tharchanngell next after my deathe. Item I give unto Lawrence Chaundeler the howse that the widowe Bryggs dwelleth in during suche yeares as I have yet to come in the same. Item I gyve to Littell Marget, twentie shillings. Item I gyve unto Jone Wyd....., twentie shillings. The residewe of all my gooddes, cattells and chattells unbequeathed, I do give theme unto Robert Reve my cosey whome I do constitute, ordayne and make to be my sole and full Executor, uppon condition that the sayde Robert be bounde unto Christofer Lewye and unto Thomas Persons with two substanciall good suerties with hym in one obligation of three hundreth pounds within sixe weckes next and immediatly after my deathe to performe this my last will and testament to the honour of Godde and for the health of my soule. And if the sayde Robert Reve uppon request made to him by the sayde Christofer and the saide Thomas do refuse so to doe that then my will ys that Thomas Personns aforesaide and the saide Thomas Chaundeler to be my Executors payenge unto the saide Robert Reve twentie pounds of goode and lawfull money to hym at the age of one and twentie yeres. And I do desiere the saide Christofer and Thomas to be the overseers of this my last will and testament and for the payins of the sayde Christofer to be hadde in and aboute the saide will I do gyve unto the said Christofer foure poundes. In witness whereof I the saide Edward Reve have sette my seale and signe mannell the daie and yeare above written witnesses of ye signyng and sealynge hereof Willet Lucke, Robert Shorley x John Massere and others.

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