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Researched & Transcribed by Janet Meads

Inventory of Edward Sturgis 1720

A true Inventory of all & Singular the Goods, Cattel and personal Estate of Edward Sturgis late of Burton Lattemore in the County of Northampton, Miller, Deceased, Taken the 9th day of August Anno Dom 1720.

li s d
Imprimis his Wearing Apparill and money in his purse 54 0 0
Item debtes due to him 116 0 0
Item in the House

One Ovel Table, one Clock & Case, Brass, Pewter and other things 6 2 6
In the Dary House

One Cubbord, Milke Vessell & Lumber 0 17 6
Item in the Butterry

Tubs, Barils and other things 1 2 6
Item in the Chamber over the House

One Bedstead, Bedding, Hangings, two Chests, one trunk, on Table and other things 4 1 0
Item in the Chees Chamber

One Bedstead and Beding, a Chest of Drawers, Chees & things there 4 2 6
Item Linnen 6 1 6
Item in the Chamber over the Mill

One Garner, Wheat and Lumber 3 5 6
Item Two Horses, Two Cowes 11 0 0
Item Hay in the Barn and Cow Yard and aded Hovell in the Cow Yard 9 10 0
Item in the Garden & Orchard

Bees and Wood 3 10 0
In all 225 5 6
Michael Lovell Tho. Manson Robert Allen

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