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Transcribed by Janet Meads, 2006

Will of William Viccars, 1634

In the name of God Amen

I William Vicars of Burton Latimer in ye County

of Northton being diseased in body but in full &

perfect remembrance thankes be given to God doe

ordain this my Last Will & Testament in manner &

forme following. vizt. ffirst I bequeath my Soule

to God my Creator & Redeemer & my body to be buried

in the p(ar)ish   Church of Burton Latimer . Item I give

unto ye parish Church of Burton Latimer ye whole

and entire some of six shillings eight pence to buy

a booke for ye com(m)on good of the p(ar)ishioners of ye

said Towne of Burton which shall be layd out by

ye direction of Dr Sybthorpe & ye Churchwardens


or else be employed to buy a Charger for the Communion

Table, wherein they may gather ye Alms for the

poore in the tyme of Communion. Item I give to the

poore Widowes & those poore that have most need

in ye said Towne ye whole sume of six shillings

eight pence to be distributed by ye discretion of

Thomas Wallis & John Mason of ye said Towne

to them yt (that) shall have most neede thereof Item

I give unto my Cozen & Godchild Elizabeth Russell

five & twenty pounds to be payd by my

my Executrix when she shallbe of ye full & perfect

age of fourteene yeares from the day of her birth.

And this portion I desire & require to be paid to

my sayd Cozens & Godchilds use To Thomas Wallis &

John Mason aforesaid by my said executrix to

be disposed to her use & benefit And if yt (that) it

should happen yt (that) my sayd Executrix should dye before

she my Cozen & Godchild should come to the age of fourteene

yeares then my will is yt (that) the said twenty five

 pounds be paid unto ye hands of the said Thomas

Wallis & John Mason to be employed to the use

of my said Cozen & Godchild until she doth come

to ye age of eighteene or ye day of marriage w(hi)ch shall

first happen And if my executrix doe not use

my sayd Cozen well then she shall chuse her guards

& have the Legacy & Lease for her bringing up

And also my desire is yt (that) the my said God Child & Cozen

should have at the tearme of fourteen yeares of

age ye goods lease of a Cottage in Thorpe Mulsor

& household stuff which was left by her mother

Elizab: Russell now in my possession not  ***

Inventory in ye Ecclesiastical Court remaining approx (?)


to be valued at ye rate of twenty three pounds

Provided yt (that) if my said Executrix shall live after

yt (that) my Cozen & Godchild shall come to the yeares of

fourteene afors(ai)d  & live with my Executrix my

will is yt (that) she my Executrix should have during

her life ye rent of foure & twenty shillings, due

for ye said Cottage in Thorpe Mulsor aforesaid

yearely according to the lease but she my sayd

Executrix should happen to dye before ye lease is

Expired yt (that) then ye sayd yearly rent to redound to my

Cozen & Godchild aforesaid & in her minority to be

disposed & directed by ye judgment of the said Thomas

Willis & John Mason aforesayd to her my said

Cozen uses. Item I give unto my Sister

Margaret Harbor ye wife of Edward Harbor

of Yealvertoft in ye county of Leicester the sum

of five shillings to be payd by my executrix p(er)sonly

after my decease upon demand Item I give

unto my Godson William Coop(er) of Carlton xiijs

to be paid by my said Executrix & to my Goodson

George Orpine twelve pence & to my Godson Wm

Hunt twelve pence which sev(er)al summes are

to be payd by my said Executrix also I give

unto Thomas Wallis & John Mason two shillings a

peece Item I give & bequeath unto Thomas

Lord & Margery Lord twelve pence apiece to

be payd unto them by my Executrix Item I

give & bequeath unto my wellbeloved friend

Mr Edmund Bacon sonne & heire to my Landlord

Mr Thomas Bacon one Bee hive either swarm

a *** which he shall think best & also one other


Bee hive, either swarme unto Mrs Anne Bacon

ye daughter of the said Mr Thomas Bacon to be

taken & delivered by my said executrix when they

shall be demanded. Item I give unto John Mason

& Thomas Mason my wives kinsmen twelve

pence apiece & ye sonnes of Avis Mason Thomas

& John Mason in like manner twelve pence

appeece. & all the rest of my goods both movable

& unmovable I give & bequeath unto my dearly

beloved wife Eliz: Vicars whom I doe hereby

make ye full & sole executrix of this my Last

Will & Testament. And I desire ye aforesaid

Thomas & John Mason to be Ov(er)seers & see the

Legacies by me given to be true & faithfully by

me paid & p(er)formed In Wittness whereof I have

set my hand & seal ye 21 of June 1634

The marke of William Vickars present at the

Subscription & sealing of his Last Testament. Will

Vickars. Tho Bird Curat of Burton Lat. Thomas

Wallis, John Mason signd Johis Mason signd

Joanne Ritson(?)

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