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Article from Wellingborough News 7 April 1922
The weather on Monday last was hardly that which is looked forward to on polling day, and under the circumstances the polling of 1,000 persons out of 1,300 odd is very creditable.

Snow fell on and off nearly all day long, and voters who will brace such elements deserve to see their choice elected. There were surprises at the election, and those who were affected most were the most surprised.

The Liberal Party did exceedingly well, and in addition to securing the return of their nominee, Mr Jas. Buckby, on the Guardians, they succeeded in getting five of their six candidates on the Council.
Mr A Fox
Mr A Fox

The Conservative Party failed to secure victory for their candidate, Mr A E Fox, on the Guardians, but secured the return of four of their eight candidates on the Parish Council.

The Independents had a fairly successful day, two securing seats on the Guardians, and three on the Parish Council.

The Co-op-Labour candidates were not at all successful, and of nine candidates only one was returned. Their candidates were not strong enough, but as four of them had served the parish during the last three years, by reason of the withdrawal of the Conservative members from the Council, it would have shown gratitude had some of them been re-elected.

The Conservatives have one seat less than they captured three years ago, the Liberals have one more, the Co-op and Labour have lost two seats as compared with 1919, and the Independents have gained two seats. The parish generally consider that a fairly good Council has been elected.

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