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Extract from Northampton Mercury dated Friday, 13 July 1894


A meeting of the above Board was held at the Cross Keys Coffee Tavern on Friday morning, there being present: Messrs J G Willows (vice-chairman, in the chair), J Hale, J Smith, T Bunning, T Jones (Cransley), Coles, and G W Lamb (clerk).

The Proposed Gas Works at Burton.

A letter was read from the secretary to the Burton Latimer Gas Co., Limited, asking permission to pick up the roads for the purpose of laying gas mains.

Mr James Wallis, one of the directors of the company, was present, with plans of the proposed works. The Gas Works, Mr Wallis pointed out, would not be in Burton Latimer parish, but in the parish of Isham, and they had the permission of the Wellingbroough authorities to pick up that portion of the road in their district for the purpose of laying the mains. The pipes would be carried over the brook by iron supports, and would go up the hill on the left hand side. At the top of the incline they proposed to cross the road and continue the service on the side opposite the footpath, and then go down the streets.

The Clerk pointed out that that was the special point, and plans of the streets had not been submitted.

Mr Jones asked how they were going to conduct the mains through the narrow entrance to the village leading from Isham, and Mr Wallis stated that they should go as near to the wall as possible. They could not go on the adjoining land because of the buildings. They only wanted to cross the road once in the Kettering district. He regretted he had not the plans of the village with him.

Mr Wallis having retired, the Board considered the application; and after some discussion Mr Jones moved that an extended plan of the proposed work be laid before the Standing Committee for them to consider, and report to the next meeting of the Board.

This was seconded by Mr Bunning.

Mr J Hale proposed an amendment that if the plans be satisfactory the Standing Committee be empowered to deal with the question.

There being no seconder to the amendment, Mr Hale's motion fell to the ground, and the resolution was carried.

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