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John Meads - Extracted from the Northampton Mercury, 4 January, 1895
"A Noteworthy Performance"

Thomas Collings
Thomas Collings, elected
Chairman at the first meeting
of the new Parish Council



The past week has been a busy one in the towns and villages with the newly ceated governing authorities getting to work, and I am glad to be able to express my admiration at the very business-like way in which the various Parish and District Councils have set out upon the discharge of their important duties. The members have evidently thoroughly grounded themselves in the powers the new Act confers upon them and with a display of intelligence that must make some of the "croakers, " who foresaw all sorts of confusion likely to arise, feel very small, having initiated measures that must tend to the brightening and bettering the conditions of village life.

A good record comes from all directions, but perhaps the most noteworthy performance comes from Burton Latimer: the members formed out of their body Lighting, Burial, Sanitary, Allotment, Recreation, and Charities Committees, resolving to call a meeting to consider the question of adopting the Free Libraries Act, decided to issue notices for applications for allotments, with the view to acquiring land, took the preliminary steps towards getting a receation ground, and discussed the necessity of providing a public water supply. This was all done in one evening, in addition to disposing of preliminary business, and on a Council consisting very largely of the working-class.

After this, who dare say that the working-men are not fitted to rule themselves? Why, more business was done at this meeting than at half-a-dozen of many of our more pretentious assemblies.

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