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John Meads 2017
Pownall's Corner

Until road improvements in about 1960, Pownall's Corner was one of the most notorious bottlenecks along the whole length of the London to Carlisle trunk road - the A6. Situated where the High Street met Kettering Road it was said that an active man could jump from one pavement to the other - perhaps an exaggeration but only just!
'Bobby' Pownall was a baker with his home and premises very close to the corner.

Pownall's Corner 1940s
Pownall's Corner in the 1940s/50s. The entrance archway to Mr. Pownall's bakery can be seen
on the left just past the houses that are very close to the road

1938 newspaper report about Pownall's Corner Demolition at Pownall's Corner - 1960s
Following the 1938 newspaper report, it took more than 20 years to get the road
widened and well over 50 years to get the by-pass. Today's Health & Safety officers
would have something to say to the workman on the roof of the condemned house.
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