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William Batty & Son
Leather Dressers

william Batty Wm Batty & Son works 1923
William Batty in 1934
The two-storey former maltings bought by Wm Batty
can be seen in this 1923 aerial photograph

William Batty moved to Burton Latimer in 1924 from Lincolnshire. He set up his leather dressing business in Church Street in a set of buildings previously used as maltings by William Battle, the Cranford brewer. He ran his business successfully throughout the Second World War and he died aged 78 in 1961. Read his obituary here. William Batty had been a leading figure in several Burton Latimer organisations, the British Legion, St. John Ambulance, Urban District Council , Bowls Club and Civil Defence. After William's death the business continued until the mid-1970s under his son Leslie M. Batty.

This extract from a 1929 Grantham Journal describes how grateful employees showed their gratitude following a works outing
Wm Batty advert
The tannery suffered a serious
fire in 1946
which resulted in the upper
storey being reduced in height

Inside Batty's tannery Ladies at Batty's tannery
Inside the tannery in the 1930s
Mrs Edith Potter, Mrs Vera Wright, Mrs Phyllis Walker and
Mrs Jessie Mills - 1950s

wm Batty & Son employees Wm Batty & Son employees
Rita Meadows, Phyllis Walker, Gwen Key and Ethel Carter during the last days
of the company
Tony Niblett, Rita Meadows, Dennis Rose, Phyllis Walker and Ethel Carter

Battys tannery - 1970s
A view of the factory from Church Street in 1971, near the end of its existence
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