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Article from Northampton Mercury dated 19th March 1915
Factory Worker Sues Shoe Manufacturer

A photo showing the aftermath of a fire which destroyed the Sudborough & Eady factory in the 20's and a map showing its location within the town

Messrs. Sudborough and Eady, boot manufacturers, Burton Latimer were sued by Mrs Faith Hope Charity Dent, of the same parish for compensation.

Mr E.P.Toller, CC who represented the complainant said his client worked for Messr. Whitney and Westley for nearly two years, when she went to the factory of Messrs. Sudborough and Eady, and upon sitting down to her work, the top of the stool, which screwed on, came off, and she fell haevily on the spiked stand, which injured her spine. After being taken home and attended by a doctor she was conveyed to hospital. Three abscesses formed accompanied by blood poisoning, and she suffered much pain. She could not sit long together or sleep at night and there was no work in the factory which she felt capable of doing. Her wages were 9s, and she had received £1 and an offer if she could do some work.

In reply to Mr A. Lombe Taylor (instructed by Mr J.C. Wilson) who appeared for the defendents, applicant said she had lost her husband about four years ago and received £1 per month as compensation, which was to run for ten years. - Dr T.A. Harris, Burton latimer, said the injury was serious and he considered she could not stoop or sit at long work. - Dr R.A. Milligan, Northampton, said he examined the applicant in October. She complained of pain, and some of that might have been due to contraction of scars. In his opinion a little work might do her good. - Dr. Petty considered the applicant had made a complete recovery from the accident. - His Honour considered it was a case where an experiment might be made, and he would adjourn the case without prejudice for her to try to work under the most comfortable conditions, and if he came to the conclusion that she could not do the work, compensation would be given from that interval.

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