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A parade in the 1920s, turning into Church Street
The Church bells - ready for rehanging in 1920
A lifetime away ......
Above left - a parade (probably a Hospital Sunday parade) turns into Church Street in about 1925.
In the background is Rock Terrace, which stood at the bottom of Pioneer Avenue.
Above right - the bells of the parish church, ready to be rehung in 1920.

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Latest Additions to the Site

  • 18-12-2019 - The huge fire at Black Bridge Farm in 2011 is here in the Emergency Services section. You can read all about long distance walker and steeplejack "Parachute Joe" Ingram here in the People section.
  • 10-12-2019 - An account of the presentation in 2014 by the Russian Ambassador to the late Harold Mason in recognition of his naval war service is here in the War section. Burton Latimer St. John Ambulance nursing competition winners of 1938 and 1939 can be found here. A history of St. Mary's church recounted in 1867 is here in the Church & Chapel section.
  • 02-12-2019 - What happened when a G.I. Bride travelled to the US is here in the War section plus an update to the career of golfer Charley Hull An early addition to the Britannia Club facilities has been noted
  • 12-11-2019 - How a 14-year-old boy came to be charged with conspiracy to obtain money is here in the Crime section. Tom Marlow has given us almost every name for Miss Park's Meadowside Junior class of 1991-2 here and amendments have been made Miss Leach's 1961-2 and Mr. White's 1962-3 class photos.
  • 05-11-2019 - The People section now includes the story of Samuel Brains who fought in the Peninsular War in the early 1800s. The Retail Index now has the names and some links to many local tradespeople and businesses from the early 1900s to the 2000s.

    29.10-2019 - More information on Burton's lost pub, the Rose and Crown, is here in the Pubs & Clubs section. How a girl saved a garage full of lorries in 1957 is here. Also in the Pubs & Clubs section here is more information about a knobbly knees competition at the Band Club in 1981.
  • 22.10-2019 - Irena Pernak's amazing wartime journey from Poland to Burton Latimer is here in the War section. An African Chief's visit to Burton Latimer factories in 1930 is recalled here in the Industry section. Russell Beck has added some names to Mrs. Cleaver's 1975 Meadowside Infants class photo.
  • 15.10-2019 - Burton's "Fight For Independence" in 1965 is recalled in a newspaper article in the History and Development section here. A list of businesses advertising in the 1950 Parish Year Book is in the Retail and Local Business section here
  • 08.10-2019 - Additions have been made to information about the Salvation Army in Burton Latimer and in the Property section there is more information about Osborne House
  • 04.10-2019 - 1930s/40s photographs from Sidney James Farrow's smallholding near the cemetery have been added in the Agriculture section here. A "highway robbery" in Polwell Lane in 1905 is here in the Crime section.
  • 26.09-2019 - Entries from the 2006/7 Burton Latimer & District Trade & Commerce Business Directory have been added to the Retail & Local Business section. "From Bombs to Shiny Saucepans" is the heading of one of the 1945 newspaper extracts featured here in the Industry section - part of the story of Alumasc. A photograph of the 1967 Committee for the Blind is in the Churches and Charities section.
  • 18.09-2019 - We have recommenced after a summer break and added the following: Updates to the careers of golfer Charley Hull and boxer Adrian Panter. What happened when Mary Arthur was "drove for a shilling" is here in a new addition to the Crime section. Some additions have been made to the Shops A and Shops B pages in the Retail & Local Businesses section. Starmer's Transport Services has been added to the Transport section. In the same section Frosts Bros and Keightley & Son have been updated. Additions have been made to information about the Co-op and the history of the public library.
  • 07-08-2019 - An account of a stage collapse during a school concert in 1905 is here in the Education section. A report of how the children were looked after in the Cottage Homes in 1910 is now in the History & Development section.
  • 02-08-2019 - Two new pages have been added that contain many familiar Burton family names. In the War section, thanks to Carolyn Smith, is a list of Burton men who served in the Finedon Volunteer Infantry between 1803 and 1806. And secondly, in the Church & Chapels section, named photographs have been added of St. Mary's Church Choir in 1894 and 1914. Also, C.J.Buckley, a steward in 1939, has been added to the information about the Finedon Street WMC and more names have been added to the Meadowside Infants Class 1976-7.
  • 03-07-2019 - Joe Evans' recollection of the severe winter in 1963 has been added to the People section index.
  • 13-06-2019 - The story of William Batty & Son, Leather Dressers, has been added to the Industry section. How two chapel-goers were acquitted in court has been linked here in the Crime section index.
  • 06-06-2019 - A newspaper report on the 1899 opening of the Britannia Working Mens Club is here in the Pubs & Clubs section. The 1970s A6 "Killer Bridge" argument is reported here in the Transport section. The following football teams have been added to the Football Teams Index: an un-named boys team (1930s); Burton Latimer Town FC (1956-7) and the Burton Latimer Youth FC (1962); the 1951 Burton Latimer Male Voice Choir has been added to the Sport & Liesure Index; a list of names from a 1926 Kettering & District Annual Directory can now be accessed through the Genealogy Index page.
  • 28-05-2019 - Ryan Dawson has filled in many pupil names on the Meadowside 2001-2 Class 3G group photograph. How two Burton girl cyclists met "the Terror Man of Kettering" is described here in the Crime section.The minutes of the 2019 AGM have been added to the About Us pages.
  • 01-05-2019 - This website has passed another milestone - it recorded its three millionth visitor last month. Please be assured that the depleted website team is continuing to add interesting articles as often as possible.
  • 25-04-2019 - Burton Latimer Heritage Society's Constitution document has been linked to the About Us section, which also has been amended since the AGM. In 1939 the Revd. R.W. Sharpley was shocked to be told her was expected to house 20 "refugees" Read about it here The 2001 Alumasc Social Club fire is here in the Crime section.
  • 11-04-2019 - Local newspaper reports about a farm fire in the Emergency Services section, a retirement presentation to Mr. G. Borman in the People section, and an update to a 1961 look into the future of Burton Latimer in the History section.
  • 03-04-2019 - The report of a shocking 1898 suicide has been added to the Crime section. The Sport & Liesure section has had additions relating to Hockey in Burton Latimer and to Bo Patrick
  • 28-03-2019 - The work of the late Bo Patrick is featured in the Sports (football) section. Denis Hornsby's work for the Lace Guild is remembered in the People section. Thanks to Jane Glendenning, Mrs. Pack's 1964 Council Infants School class is now in the School photo section. The Edward Yeomans Miller page in the People section has been amended. A councillor's complaint about mis-reported remarks at a meeting in 1939 is here in the History section.
  • 14-03-2019 - The Agriculture section has had two updates. Julia Humphries has given us some photographs which have been added to her father Oliver Perkins' page. Glen Sharman has given us a photograph which has been added to the Glendon Lodge page.
  • 12-03-2019 - New names have been added to the list of St. Mary's curates The Salvation Army page has been added to. A name has been added to the list of pub licensees here and the British Legion page has had an update.
  • 27-02-2019 - Richard Johnson sent us the 1689 will of Francis Ball which Janet Meads has transcribed and can now be found here in the Genealogy/Wills section. Jo Kibble and Helen Clarke have supplied names for some St. Mary's Infant School class photos 1975-79 here. News of the new "Ordinary Lives - Extraordinary Women" exhibition has been added to the About Us page. Charley Hull's latest win has been added to her page here. Particulars of Burton and Isham Mills in 1850 are here in the Local Industry pages.
  • 29-01-2019 - An addition has been made here to the story of Elizabeth Wooldridge's will. An 1827 auction sale of the house now known as The Yews is here in the Property section.
  • 21-01-2019 - Additions and minor alterations have been made to some names in the Education pages.The About Us page has also been updated with news of the next exhibition at the museum. A court case involving the disputed will of a former housekeeper at Burton Latimer Hall is here in the People pages.
  • 20-12-2018 - Robin Sharp has found us another photo, this is of Mr. Norton's class 1958-9. Several names are still needed. Two more items about Belgian Refugees and the Brown brothers have been added to the Mary Capps WW1 Scrapbook The About Us page has also been updated
    06-12-2018 - Robin Sharp has found us a photo of Miss Leach's 1954 class. Roger Drage and Robert Mills have found most names but we are still some missing - can you help?
  • 05-12-2018 - Timson & Son was one of Burton's two private bus companies in the 1920s and 1930s. More information has been added to its story here in the Transport section. Mary Capps' WWI Scrapbook has had additions. Styles, West, Seale, Adams, Flint, Ball and Hume are names that are mentioned.
  • 16-11-2018 - About fifty memorials still exist in the Old Parish Cemetery and these have been linked to the list added last week. Where they exist, the names have been underlined on the Old Parish Cemetery page here. Minor changes have also been made to the Emergency Services personel list here
  • 08-11-2018 - A long list of burials in the old Parish Cemetery can be found here in the Geneaology section. The list includes many infants and young children that many families may have been unaware of. Ken Hartill has supplied new details for the list of firemen and firefighters here in the Emergency Services section.
  • 01-11-2018 - An account of how Burton Latimer children sold Russian flags and a report about Fred Stokes' injury in 1918 are now included in Mary Capps' First World War scrapbook. A major addition of over 450 previously unrecorded names from the old cemetery in Church Lane will be added within a couple of weeks, which may solve dozens of family history mysteries.
  • 12-10-2018 - Mary Capps' First World War scrapbook has had more additions and a minor change has been made to the Monumental Inscription introduction
  • 08-10-2018 - Mary Capps' First World War scrapbook has had four additions and minor amendments made to the personel list in the Emergency Services section.
  • 19-09-2018 - Sandie Jeffs has sent a 1980s photo of the Maid Marion shop in Regent Road which has been added to the Retail section here A start has been made on transcibing Mary Capps' First World War scrapbook. The pages will eventually contain dozens of references to events in Burton Latimer during that time. The first three mention three young men reported killed, a concert for wounded soldiers and fund-raising efforts. The 2018 success of young County Bowls Champion Adam Pitfield is here in the Sports section
  • 07-09-2018 - An 1887 Football cup-tie is reported here in the Sport and Liesure section with lots of Burton Latimer family names. In the light of new information, corrections have been made to the 1919 Returned Prisoners of War photograph here. Jonathan Walker, manager at James Bros., The Cross, in the late 1960s, has has provided more information here in the Retail section.
  • 20-08-2018 - How a request for a pension was handled in 1885 is here in the History section and the Sport & Liesure section has a page on Charley Hull, the Burton Latimer golfer here.
  • 14-08-2018 - A "Fancy Sale" in aid of St. Mary's Restoration Fund was advertised here in the Churches and Chapels section. A 2018 Harris Cup win for Burton Latimer Bowls Club is here in the Sport & Leisure section.
  • 06-08-2018 - Read about how a 1939 Old Folks Treat was shocked by a scantly clad "artiste" here in the Leisure section. In the same section here are photographs of "The Inswingers" bowls team in 1986/7. A new photograph of Dr. A.P. Kingsley has been added here.
  • 25-07-2018 - After a short summer break we have added a report about the falling out between a Parish Constable and a Carrier here in the crime section. Our Facebook Group members have provided most name for a photograph of a Meadowside Infants class of 1993 or 1994 here and a 1958 Council Infants class has been updated here
  • 27-06-2018 - In the Crime section a falling-out between a father and son-in-law is reported here, a report of an aggressive Waggon & Horses landlord here and a story of ponies being saved from floods here. A petition from residents of Meeting Lane in 1978 is here (Local Industry section) An A6 lay-by parking problem in 1982 is here (Transport section) and a public meeting about boundary changes in 1965 here (History section.)
  • 13-06-2018 - Why a Church Street family went to the pictures on a Monday night is explained here. More information about 'Pateman's Corner' has been added to the Retail section here and a photograph added in connection with Cyril Swan, the barber, here. Ollie Beach's hobby is described here in the People section and the story of three boys and an unattended lorry here.
  • 06-06-2018 - The list of Parish, Urban District and Town Council chairpersons has been brought up to date in the Brief History of Burton Latimer section here. Charlotte Newsome (nee Bryant) has helped with Mrs. Cleaver's class 1975 and an early 1980s concert group at meadowside Infants. A report of of a 1900 motoring accident in Station Road is here.
  • 24.05.2018 - The minutes of Burton Latimer Heritage Society's 2018 AGM are in the About Us section. More details have been added to the 'Strudwick Family - Showmen' page here in the Sport & Leisure section, also in that section is a minor addition here to the Gala parade Days 1948-1960 pages. The controversy surrounding a planning decision affecting Bakehouse Lane in 1998 is here in the History section and a report on the removal of a cracked church bell in 1976 here in the Church & Chapel section.
  • 18.05.2018 - Articles on Vic Bellamy and Denis Hornsby have been added to the People section. Additions have been made to the Police Gallery and Police References pages regarding Police Sergeant Syd Richardson.William Clipson's family story is here in the People section.
  • 02.05.2018 - Many familiar Burton Latimer family names can be found in the ET report of the 1939 Gala Parade and Sports prize lists here
  • 25.04.2018 - An account of why, in 1910, it was necessary for a cricketer to phone home is here in the Sport & Leisure Section. The news that a telephone had been installed at Burton Latimer station hit the headlines here in 1929. The 1983 retirement and tragic death of Dr. Jonathan Bird is here in the Emergency Services Section and the theft of Jim Aveling's racing bike in 1979 is here in the People Section. Some minor additions have been made to the Shoe Industry Introduction here.
  • 16.04.2018 - More additions have been made to the Schooldays Gallery - Margaret Sewell pages and Emma (Perkins) Jeffrey has helped with some names. Mrs. Phillips class 1993 has also been amended.
  • 09.04.2018 - Snippets about a 1922 local election, the 1935 Gala and departure of a Baptist Minister in 1899 have been added. Further 1980s Meadowside Infants photographs have been added to the Schooldays Gallery - Margaret Sewell collection
  • 28.03.2018 - A sequel to the 1909 Coffe Tavern fire is here in Crime Section. Last year, Margaret Sewell, formerly head at Meadowside Infants', donated a collection of photographs. Some of these have now been used to start the Schooldays Gallery - Margaret Sewell collection
  • 21.03.2018 - Robert Pearce has given us a Coronation party photo taken at the Horse & Groom pub in 1953.
  • 14.03.2018 - Teresa Moisey has provided some names on a 1954 Council Infants photo here and Jason Smith has given us a photo and some names of a Meadowside Infants class dated 1974/5. A newspaper report about the relocation of the war memorial is here in the War Section
  • 21.02.2018 - A court case concerning Sunday drinking at the "Round House" is here in the Crime section. An addition has been made to the account by The Very Revd. Derek Hole's account of his time as Rector. The contents of a house sale in 1890 (including a gymnasium) is here in the Property Section.
  • 07.02.2018 - The report of a fire at the Coffee Tavern in 1909 is here in the Crime & Emergency Services Section. John Meadows' obituary is here in the People Section and a report of a 1967 rate increase here in the History & Development Section
  • 01.02.2018 - A page with newspaper reports of WW1 Military Tribunals involving Burton Latimer men has been added to the War Section here
  • 28.01.2018 - More name have been added to Meadowside Infants - Mrs. Elliott's Class of 1977 which is now almost complete. Nearly forty names from the 1950s are on the photograph of the Burton Latimer Male Voice choir here in the Sport & Liesure Section
  • 18.01.2018 - Inputting has started again after the Christmas and New Year break. Following emails from Mary Deehan (nee Lally - Australia) the Council Infants 1954-5 photo has been updated and Joanne Hillyard (nee Drage) and Liz Martin have been able to update St. Mary's Infants c1976 with several new names. In the People Section we have added Miss Elsie Hobbs, who taught at the Church Infants School for all her working life.
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