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Article from Evening Telegraph dated 17 February 1960

Presentation to Mr G Borman
? , Edith Peck Margaret Fox, Bob Phillips, Mr G Borman, Albert Mutlow, Douglas J Ashby,
Cyril Lewis, R J Mackintosh, Peter Toseland, Len Patrick, Reg Horn

Members of past councils in Burton Latimer joined with the present council last night to make a gift of a wrist watch to Mr G Borman, who was the town’s surveyor for thirty years until he retired on Thursday.

The presentation was made by the council chairman, Mr Douglas Ashby, who said that Mr Borman’s knowledge and experience, built up over the years, had always been valued and in the development of the town since the war his advice was much appreciated.

The council owned 138 houses when Mr Borman took up his post and since then over 300 additional council buildings have been put up – including 19 at George Street for which he designed both the layout and houses.

When the council moved from its old offices in Duke Street in 1942 to The Poplars, the construction of the council chamber and branch library was carried out under Mr Borman’s direction.

Mr Borman, who lives at 23 William Street, is married and has a daughter.

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