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Article from Evening Telegraph 1961
Mr John Meadows

Mr. John Meadows pictured in 1953


The funeral takes place today of Mr John Meadows, founder and proprietor of Kettering first town bus service and a former smallholder at Burton Latimer, who died at his home, 2 Polwell Lane, Barton Seagrave, on Tuesday, aged 93.

Mr Meadows retired from farming last May – after 27 years at Hog’s Hole Farm, Burton Latimer. He continued working on his land at Polwell Lane until just before his death.

He used to live at Regent House, Burton Latimer, where he carried on business as a carter and coal merchant. He then became a bus proprietor and ran ten coaches until 1938, managing his smallholding as well in the latter years.

He leaves a widow, Mrs Hannah Meadows, and four children, two daughters and two sons. One of his daughters Mrs Janet Camper, whose home is now in America visited Barton Seagrave last year on a three months’ holiday, returning in September.

Interment in the churchyard follows the service at St Botolph’s Church, Barton Seagrave.

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