Article fromNorthampton Chronicle & Echo, Wednesday August 21st 1996

Civilians honoured by police

Photograph showing award winners honoured by police with Pam Mills 3rd from left
AWARDS: Ted Crew presents certificates to some of the award winners. Pam Mills is 3rd from left.

Members of the public have been honoured in a ceremony hosted by the chief constable of Northamptonshire.

Ted Crew and Councillor Terry Wire from the Police Authority handed over certificates of appreciation to civilians who had showed exceptional bravery or public service in helping the police.

Those who collected awards included Roger Judkins who intervened in an assault to prevent the victim from being seriously injured.

Mr Judkins was driving his car in the centre of Northampton in November last year when he saw a man lying on the pavement being kicked repeatedly in the face by a second man.

Mr Judkins stopped to make sure the victim was alright and was threatened by the attacker who eventually ran off.

When the police arrived Mr Judkins was able to help them identify the attacker who was later put on probation for 12 months.

Mr Crew said: "Mr Judkins clearly prevented a more serious assault on the injured man by deterring the offender from continuing the assault, and after the arrival of police officers assisted in the identification of the offender leading to his early arrest."

Katharine Ross-Easton, a car park attendant in Northampton's Mayorhold Car Park prevented a man from killing himself.

The man had put a rope around his neck and tied the other end to the bumper of a car.

When Mrs Ross-Easton saw what was happening she started talking to the man and when officers arrived she was standing with her arm round him.

Mr Crew said: "The actions of Mrs Ross-Easton were crucial to the man's survival. She acted with professionalism and care showing great presence of mind in a most distressing situation."