Article from Kettering Evening Telegraph, Thursday 1st February 1996

Crimefighter’s Reward

Photograph of Pam Mills

A magistrate turned crimefighter when she tackled an armed robber in her bank.

Pamela Mills refused to flee or hand over her cash when she was confronted by the raider at the Burton Latimer branch of Barclays on June 8 last year.

Now she has received recognition for her bravery.

The Weekley, Warkton, Kettering and District Association for the Prosecution of Felons gave Mrs Mills its annual bravery award.

Solicitor Edward Lamb, of the association, said: "This year's award to Mrs Mills is in recognition of both her bravery and the fact that a felon is now off the streets."

As a result of her actions in the bank, the raider, an escapee from Wellingborough Prison, was prosecuted and sentenced to seven years.

The association was founded in 1816 by people concerned about keeping crime off the streets. is more of a social club today but members are mindful of their association's roots.