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Material supplied by David A Miller
Arthur T Miller ALCM

Arthur Miller at the organ of St. Mary the Virgin Parish Church,
Burton Latimer, where he was organist and choirmaster for
almost 30 years

From 'Focus', the parish magazine of St. Mary's Burton Latimer when Mr. Miller retired in 1983:

An Appreciation - Mr. Arthur Miller - by Norman Dacre

As an ex-chorister, I would like to pay tribute to our organist, Arthur Miller, who is retiring at the end of the year.
Arthur became organist in January 1955, suceeding the late Arthur Stokes who had himself served for 23 years. At this time I was a young tenor learning the part and not too well equiped at reading music, but as with many other choristers, Arthur took great pains to teach me the part and was extremely helpful, at times under somewhat difficult circumstances.
Arthur, now in his 75th year, will have completed no less than 29 years service, which is a wonderful achievement, having served four Rectors and taught numerous choir boys and girls. At one time only boys were allowed in the choir, but times and attitudes change and Arthur adapted well to all of the changes.
To be a successful organist, one has to be able to teach, as well as play music, and many parents, including myself, are indebted to Arthur for having taught our children to play the piano. But, above all, one has to be loyal, and this has always been Arthur's strong suit. Loyalty and responsibility, whether there were two or three services each Sunday, which incidentally were a regular feature not too many years ago, he was always there. Weddings and funerals, choir practices - who would give so much time unless they were truly dedicated?
So, on behalf of all choristers, all who have been taught to play the piano, and indeed all church people, I would like to wish Arthur and his wife, without whose support it would not have been possible to fulfill all the required duties, many happy years of retirement.
We sincerely hope that it will not be a complete break and that Arthur will play the organ again when occasions arise.

From 'Focus', July 1994

Obituary - Arthur Thomas Miller - the editor [Ralph Aveling] writes ...

Arthur Miller who died on 10th June was very well known to the older members of the Parish Church congregation for the very long time that he served as Organist and Choirmaster. Arthur succeeded Arthur Stokes in the early 1950s and he remained in office until the mid·80s. During that time the choir flourished with a good number of men and boys. This was the heyday of choirs as older people knew them and Arthur was able to give us many of the well-loved Oratorios. Many of us well remember hearing Stainer’s “Crucifixion", a must in those days on Good Friday. Pity it does not seem to be heard so much these days.

It was later in his time as organist that women appeared in the choir and the choir has changed into what we know today. Arthur was a very accomplished musician, as the letters after his name attest. There are many people in the town who were trained in the mysteries of the piano keyboard as well as on the organ, and they will mourn the passing of their mentor.

Later in life Arthur was to be plagued with arthritis on his fingers but after his retirement, he was on the rota of organists at the Kettering Crematorium, so he was able to keep his hand in.

Arthur was essentially a quiet man and l often met him walking with his dog, his faithful companion, as was his wife and family, and we would have a few words together.

Our sincere sympathy to his wife, Nellie, and the family in their loss. He will be high on the list of organists and choirmasters who have done duty at St. Mary‘s, and may they be consoled with the sure knowledge that he has gone into that fuller life beyond the grave, and awaiting the time when they will eventually join him.

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