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Samuel Brains
Veteran of the Peninsular War

Samuel Brains' headstone
Samuel Brains' headstone in
Burton Latimer churchyard
From the Buckingham Express 27 March 1875
On March 15, aged 84, universally and deservedly respected, died Samuel Brains, formerly Her Majesty's 48th Regiment. He served through the war in Spain, and was the wearer of the Peninsular medal, and clasps for Toulouse, Pyrenees, Vittoria, Salamanca, Badajoz, Ciudad Rodrigo, Albuhera and Talavera. Through the bounty of the Government he was the grateful recipient, for several years past, of a pension of 1s. a day, lately increased to 1/6. With the exception of that of hearing, old “Master Brains” was in the enjoyment of all his facilities till within a few days of his death. He was a great reader of books, almost exclusively of a religious character, a regular attendant at Church, and a humble-minded Christian.

Samuel was born in 1791 so would only have been 18 years old when he went to Spain. Following his return, he married Ann Nutt at Burton Latimer in 1816.
In 1851 when he was aged 60, and in1861, Samuel appears on the census as an agricultural labourer but by 1871 he is described as a Chelsea Pensioner. This does not mean that he lived at the Royal Hospital Chelsea but that he received the pension as described in the article above. He died in 1875 and is buried in Burton Latimer churchyard.

The 48th Regiment of Foot was the forerunner of the Northamptonshire Regiment, which includes Talavera (1809), Albuera (1811), Badajoz (1812), Salamanca (1812), Vittoria (1813), Pyrenees (1813) and Toulouse (1814) in its battle honours.

The Battle of Talavera in July 1809
The Peninsula Medal, with clasps, similar to
that awarded to Samuel Brains

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Personal note: During research for this page I found that I am the great-great-great nephew of Samuel Brains - JM
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