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Manor Court Roll -1733
Copyholders not attending
William Wootten
Eady Robinson
William Treadgold
John Patrick
William Sturgis
William Parker
Joseph Daniell
William Mays
William Lovell
Abraham Eagle
Copyholders who attended
Robert Nutt
William Patrick
William Dunmore
Michael Lovell
John York
Robert West
John Sudborough
Thomas Neal
John Holmes (past constable)
Francis Norris
John Arch
Freeholders who attended
John Paine
Edward Hughes
Thomas Bailey
James Braybrook
William Knight
Edward Saxbey
Samuell Parsons
John Belcher of Kettering
Simon Abbott
John Wells
Freeholders not attending
Sr John Dolben
....... Robinson widow
Bridgett Holmes
Others not mentioned above
Thomas Pulver
Thomas Mason
Jonathan Cork
Thomas Massey gent, (steward)
Persons not attending for want of notice
John Duke Montague
Sr John Robinson Bart.
John Stoughton (innholder)
Persons leaving property
John Cooper deceased
John Paine deceased
Benjamin Hall
Rebecca Bennett widow dec.
Bridgett Holmes widow-
inherited from Dorothy Hopkins
John Holmes
Susanna Currall deceased
Charles Currall
John James snr. deceased
Thomas Blowfield
Thomas Wallis - North Mill
Thomas James
John Bailey deceased
Henry Taylor
William Eady
Edmund Pell deceased
Thomas Phillips
Mary Owen deceased
Robert Smith deceased
William Hopper
Sr Gilbert Dolben Bart dec.
Thomas Perkins Dr.of Physick
Samuel Hopkins gent dec.
Sr James Robinson Bart. dec.
Thomas Gillings
Edward Gobby
Edward Wood
James Frisbey
Samuel Wright
Samuel Wills
William Lovell
Thomas Satchell
John Bellamy
William Smart
Benjamin Croxen
Thomas Gafham
John Eady
Widow Meadows
Edward Ginn jnr. (fieldsman)
Thomas Wood jnr.
John Glover
Edward Wood jnr
John Harrison (hayward)
Andrew Shrive
Robert Allen
Richard Croxon
William Pell fieldsman
Widow James
Jeremiah Braybrook (past fieldsman)
Joseph Glover
William Eady
John Wakelin of Cranford
John Simons of Cranford
William Chester
John Langley
Robert Hills
Richard Patrick
....... Cooper widow
Thomas Wood snr.
John Smith
Edward Wood snr. (constable)
Elizabeth Perkins widow
John Mason of Aldwinkle
Persons moving into the same
Elizabeth Cooper his wife
John & Benjamin Paine his sons
Francis Norris
Francis Eady her son
John Langley
John Langley
Mary her dau. wife of Jo. Glover
Thomas Blowfield
Mary James his dau. widow
Richard Croxen
John Bellamy
John Belcher a fulling mill
Samuel Parsons
Thomas Bailey his eldest son
Robert Hills
Edward Hughes
William Pell his eldest son
Richard Patrick
Mary Wallis her grandaughter
Edward Saxbey
William Knight
Sr John Dolben Bart. his only son
Noble John Duke Montague
Elizabeth Perkins wid. his sister
Sr John Robinson his eldest son
John Mason
John Stoughton
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