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John Meads 2017
When Cranford Road Nearly Got A Pub!

The site of the proposed pub
Mr. Tom Bird, Burton Ironstone Co.
manager, who supported the application
The site today, on the corner of Woodcock Street
and Cranford Road
Thomas Collings,
Parish Council chairman who
opposed the application

Northampton Mercury 2 September 1898

Kettering Licensing Sessions

Daniel Redhead, of the Stag Inn. Cranford, applied for the transfer of the licence of that inn to the premises which it was proposed to construct at the corner of Cranford-road and Woodcock-street, Burton Latimer.

Mr. Ryland Adkins supported the applicant, and Mr. Henry opposed -- Mr. Adkins said the application was to transfer the licence of the Stag Inn, Cranford, to some new premises at Burton Latimer. He pointed out that the ironstone was flourishing, and when the ironstone had been extracted the land was sold for building purposes. the nearest off-licence was 270 yards away, and the fully-licenced house nearly 500 yards away. It was a good building, and wou.ld be very convenient, not only for those living in the district, but to the workmen in the ironstone pits.

There was opposition to the transfer from Mr. Thomas Collings, on behalf of the Burton Latimer Parish Council; the Rev. G. C. Leader. the Baptist Band of Hope, and Mr. Ward, of the local lodge of Good Templars.

Daniel Redhead (the applicant) and Mr. Bond (one of the directors of the Ironstone Company) supported. The latter gentleman spoke of the neccessity of the transfer, and better provision for the workmen. They had sold about two acres of land for building, and had six more acres.

Mr. A. J. Ball said the land upon which it was proposed to erect the new premises belonged to him. No new licence had been granted in the parish since 1862, and since then upwards of 300 houses had been built.,

Mr. Moseley (Messrs. Moseley and Anderson, architects, Northampton) explained the plans. -- Mr. Thomas Bird, local manager of the Ironstone company, and a member of the local Parish Council; Mr. Samuel Smith, engineer, Burton; and Mr. William Cook, insurance agent, all supported the application.

Mr. Henry strongly opposed on the ground that the parish did not need it; and this was borne out by the Rev. W. B. Jacques (rector) and Mr. Thomas Collings (chairman of the Parish Council)

Mr. Adkins said the sworn evidence he had submitted was given by all classes of persons who were connected with that considerable industry of the ironstone quarries.

After retiringfor a few minutes, the Chairman said the Bench were unanimous in refusing the application.
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