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Article compiled from material currently held at the museum.

The Waterloo Victory Inn
Black and Whie photograph of The Waterloo Victory Inn, taken in 2000.
Black and Whie photograph of The Waterloo Victory Inn, taken in 2000.

This inn-cum-farm on the Finedon to Thrapston Road just inside the parish of Burton Latimer on the S.E. side of Burton Wold was originally built in honour of the Duke of Wellington who was friendly with General Arbuthnott of Woodford. The Duke is said to have remarked when standing on the spot now occupied by the building that the panoramic view reminded him of the fields of Waterloo.

Licences show that Samuel Hughes was the landlord in 1854 and remained there until 1857 when Thomas G Quincey took over. He was there until December 1861 when the licence was transferred to John Eaton Einey, but later censuses in 1871, 1881 and 1891 list William Slatcher, William Holley and James Stringer respectively.

In the mid 1800s it became a notorious haunt of gamblers and criminals from miles around and eventually lost its license. Click here to read of a court case in 1857 involving Sunday drinking. In the 1890s it became a social club but its reputation did not improve and it had to close. It then reverted to just being a farm and is now better known as The Round House. To read more about this building, click here.

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