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Britannia Flower Show - 1980's

The Britannia Club held a number of annual events, and one of the most popular was the open flower show, this also included categories for vegetables, cakes and pastries. The results were often reported in the local press, the following were from the early1980's

19080: Mrs Doreen Walker prepares her dahlias for the show.

Growers Beat Bad Summer - Sept 1980

A record number of entries defied the poor summer at Burton Latimers Britannia Working Men's Club open flower show on Saturday. Show Secretary Mr Roger Dacre said: "The standard was very high when you consider the poor weather we have had. The numbers were 212, an increase of 32 over last year."

The Garden News Shield was awarded to Mr Leonard Reed of Woodnewton. Mr Jim Battison of Barton Seagrave carried off the Webbs Master Gardener Competition

There were prizes for the little ones as well. Amanda Ayre's vegetable model won the four to eight year old competition and Tina Sear came first in the nine to 15 year old competition.

Richard Coles with some of his blooms

Blaze of Colour at Show - Aug/Sept 1981

The flower section of the open show in Burton Latimer was a blaze of colour with 70 vases of dahlias on display. The show was held at the Britannia Working Men's Club and included fruit, vegetables, cakes and pastries. Show Secretary Mr Roger Dacre said: "The dahlias were very popular. It was a marvellous show and it was very well attended. The weather hasn't been very kind and the dry spell affected the vegetables. The entries for cakes and pastries were also down, but it was carnival weekend and I think that may have been the reason."

The show, over the weekend was the 77th to be run at the club. The organising committee works throughout the year to set it up and raise money for prizes. This year £80 was handed out to the winners.

The major awards were;

National Dahlia Society Silver and Bronze medal - Mr J. Allely

National Chrysanthemum Society Silver and Bronze medal - Mr R. Coles (Mr Coles also won the Britannia Blue Ribbon for the best exhibit in the show)

Webbs Master Gardener award - Mr J Battisson

Garden News Floral Arts Shield - Mrs P. Wright

Garden News Challenge Shield - Mr S. Gibson

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