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Article from the Northampton Mercury 1901

Dispute Between Bandsmen and Venue

Burton Latimer WMC Finedon Street 2012
Burton Latimer Working Mens Club, Finedon Street - 2012

A report from the "Northampton Mercury" gives details of a county court case involving the Burton Latimer Silver Band and the Burton Latimer Working Men's Club and Institute Ltd.

John Shrive on behalf of the band was sueing the club for the return of a band platform belonging to the band, or alternatively for its value which he estimated as £5 5s. - Mr R Barlow appeared for the band and Mr JC Wilson represented the club.

William Meads, president of the band, stated that the stand belonged to the band, and the committee of the club had offered to store the platform on their premises. However, a dispute between the bandsmen and the clubmen had arisen some time ago which resulted in the bandsmen withdrawing from the club. The stand was purchased in 1890 at a cost of about £6 6s., and its current worth was estimated at roughly £5.

On withdrawing from the club, the bandsmen requested the return of the stand, but this was refused. Joseph Westley, shoe manufacturer, stated he had joined the band when first formed in 1889. He was a member for three years and during this period he held the position of Treasurer and paid for the construction of the bandstand. John Shrive had been a band member for 10 or 11 years and was currently the band Secretary. The band had also frequently let out the bandstand to other bands.

Last year the band was invited to resume practice at the Brittania Club, where the loan of a room had been promised. The stand was placed in the club and the committee constructed a covering. There was no suggestion that the stand was to be given to the club as recompense for use of the room.

Charles William Lee, one of the founders of the band stated that the band had been successful for a few years, but gradually went down and almost broke up. Subsequently, a meeting of band members was held and it was decided to turn everything connected to the band over to the club, on the provision that the club would allow the band to resume regular practice on club premises at a future date when there were more members..

The court ordered the club to give up possession of the stand to the plaintiff, John Shrive, as trustee for the other bandsmen or alternatively pay £3. Each party were ordered to pay their own costs

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