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Article from Northants Telegraph 30 November 2017


Bodybuilder Kieran Kevan

A Burton Latimer man has been crowned for having the best drug-free physique in the world.

Kieran Kevan, 23, took the WNBF (World Natural Body-building Federation) World Junior Physique title in Boston, USA, last week.

Kieran, a former pupil at Latimer Arts College and Tresham College, has been bodybuilding for the past five years but can’t believe he is the world’s best.

He said: “It’s pretty surreal and it’s not really sunk in yet.

“It still makes me laugh when people say it to me.”

Kieran, who is also a manager at Virgin Active, started working on his physique at the age of 16 after he got bored with playing basketball and swimming.

After joining Bodyshapers in Kettering he started entering competitions but never dreamed of world success.

He said: “The thought of being a world champion never even crossed my mind. “I used to see the big guys winning these trophies and thought it was pretty amazing. Only one per cent of people make it but if you put the work in anything is possible."

If you look at his daily routine, it’s hard to argue that Kieran hasn’t put the work in. Six days a week he is up at 3.30 am for cardio exercise, before going to the gym, doing weights, doing a full day at work and then doing more weights for good measure.

His calorie burning means he has to eat five to seven meals a day. Before his world title, he did this for 12 weeks to get himself in top shape.

As well as his bodybuilding exploits, Kieran is a model and works in social media for his sponsors, TNT Supplements.

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