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Extract from Northampton Mercury, Friday 3 September 1897


Photograph of a feast gathering at The Cross

Despite the inclement weather on Sunday, this parish was again visited by a large concourse of people from the surrounding district. There was again a large congregation at the parish church, where the Bishop of Peterborough preached an eloquent sermon. The collections during the day totalled £10 10s. At the Baptist Chapel the harvest thanksgiving services were held, the Rev G C Leader, the pastor, preaching to large congregations. The chapel was very prettily decorated, collections being made on behalf of the Building Fund. On Monday a sale of work was also held in the school room, the proceeds being in aid of the same object.

The Kettering Rifle Band, under the conductorship of Mr T Seddon, gave a grand concert on the Cross on Sunday afternoon, before a large crowd of interested listeners.

The fair is again located in Mr Wells' field, and as usual did a roaring trade, especially on Monday evening.

The chief item of the feast however, was a sale of work held in St Crispin's Hall, the object being to raise a sum of £250 towards the renovation of the sanctuary at the church. For the first time the gathering was rendered more interesting by the promotion of a flower show. Such exhibitions are rare in Burton, and it is to be hoped that the success of the present venture may be an inducement to the promoters to make it an annual affair. The duties of judging were ably carried out by Mr J Wainwright, of Bolton. The sale of work was carried out under the superintendence of the following ladies: - Mrs W B Jacques, Mrs Jas Talbut, Miss Barrett, Miss Cross, Miss Dennett, Mrs H Priestland, Mrs Cockerill, Miss Harpur, Miss Walker, Miss Downing, and Miss Alice Downing. The Rushden Temperance Band played on the Rectory lawn, and various games were indulged in. The refreshments supplied were generously provided by parishioners.

The prizes in the flower show were as follows:- CLASS A (Open) – Collection of fruit, six varieties, 1 Captain J B Tibbits, 2 Rev W B Jacques, 3 Mrs Villiers. Collection of vegetables, 10 varieties, 1 W Issitt, Kettering. 2 Captain Tibbits, 3 Rev W B Jacques. Bridal boiuquet, 1 Rev W B Jacques, 2 W Toseland, Kettering, 3 W Dix, Cransley. CLASS B (confined to residents in Burton not employing a gardener) – Six dahlias, 1 Mr W Pollard, 2 Jas Neal, 3 J B Nutt. Plants: Geraniums, 1 Mrs Patrick 2 T Patrick, 3 Mrs Mason. Fuchsia, 1 L Clapham 2 J Norton. Any variety, 1 J Osborne, 2 Geo Buckby, 3 L Clapham. Fern, 1 Miss E Capps, 2 W Hodson. Chrysanthemum, 1 Geo Munn, 2 J Munn, 3 W Cook. Fruit (open to all residents whether employing a gardener of not). Cooking apples, 1 J Osborne, 2 Rev W E Jacques, 3 Mrs Villiers. Dessert apples, 1 no award, 2 Rev W B Jacques, 3 Mrs Villiers. Ten pears, any variety, 1 Rev H Priestland, 2 J Osborne, 3 F W Preston. Plums, any variety, 1 J Osborne, 2 Rev W B Jacques, 3 F T Freestone. Vegetables: Peas, 1 no award, 2 J Goodier, 3 W Patrick. Scarlet runners, 1 C Hull, 2 J B Nutt, 3 J Osborne. Parsnips, 1 Geo Capps, 2 C Hull, 3 W Patrick. Spring onions,1 G Currin, 2 T Jones, jun, 3 J Goodier. Vegetable marrows, 1 J Goodier, 2 W Patrick, Carrots, 1 S Henman, 2 J Osborne, 3 C Hull. Tomatoes, 1 F T Freestone. Kidney potatoes, 1 J Goodier, 2 M Mason, 3 H Henson. Round potatoes, 1 M Mason, 2 J Goodier, 3 W Patrick. Celery, 1 F T Freestone, 2 Geo Capps, 3 W Patrick. Cabbages, 1 G Currin, 2 J Neal, 3 W Patrick. Magnum bonums, 1 and 2 no award, 3 W Patrick. Children's class: Nosegay, 1 L Clapham, 2 Florrie Hodson.

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