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From the Northampton Mercury 26 November 1887
Cup Tie - 1887

Geor4ge Linnell Arthur Buckby
George Linnell
Arthur Buckby


These teams met on Saturday on the Wellingborough Grammar School Ground, to decide the first tie in the Junior Challenge Cup Competition. This was the fourth time that these teams had met, on the three previous occasions no decisive result being obtained. On Saturday, however, the Burton Latimer men had the best of the game throughout, and won by five goals to nothing. Hodgson and Buckby made two goals each, Mason the remaining one. The back play on both sides was exceedingly good.

The teams were as follows:

Burton Latimer: H. Hallam, goal; J. Westley and G. Linnell, backs; H. Sudborough, H. Tailby, and G. Downing, half backs; A. Buckby and G. Mason, right wing; C. Shrives, centre; W. Sturman and R. Hodson, left wing.

St. Paul's
: W. Harvey, goal; R. Evans and T. Bennett, backs; G. Burnell, F. Quinell, and Preston, half backs; A. Berwick, and W. Clarke, left wing; J. Rowley and T. Gale, right wing.

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