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Dave Wallington


Dave Wallington becomes A.B.A. Middleweight Champion in 1969
Dave Wallington - A.B.A. Middleweight Champion 1969

Presentation by the Duke of Fife, watched by Len Mills,
Chairman of the Amateur Boxing Association

Dave Wallington was born in Burton Latimer in 1946, the son of George and Lillian Wallington of 65 Pioneer Avenue. He started boxing training in 1962 under Ray Hobbs. He trained with other lads in a condemned cottage in the High Street, opposite what is now Countdown. Because there was no electricity in the cottage, the boys paid their 'subs' by way of a box of candles each week.

Dave had four fights from his 'training camp' in the High Street and then went to train at Kettering Keystone Boys Club, meanwhile the cottage was demolished, the site became part of the garden of Hilly Farm and now has houses built upon it. He trained at the Keystone Boys Club under Clive Hall, who remained as his trainer through to the Championships.

At the Keystone, Dave came down to Lightheavyweight and trained hard three nights a week and again on Sunday mornings. When not training at the club he was a familiar sight doing his training runs in Burton Latimer.

By 1966, Dave was beginning to win titles:

  • 1966 - Midland A.B.A. Title
  • 1967 - A.B.A. Quarter-Finalist
  • 1968 - A. B.A. Semi-Finalist

Dave then went down to Middleweight and started to be picked to box for England.

  • 1969 he won the A. B.A Middleweight Final

He boxed for England at the European Games in Bucharest, winning two fights before losing to the Silver Medal winner Rene Vitaman of Finland.

The ABA website lists the following details:

(21st) Bucharest Games 
(Romania) 31st May - 8 June 1969 

Weight Honour
Mickey Piner 54kg  Bronze Medal 
Allan Richardson  57kg Bronze Medal


Dave Needham 51kg Nottingham School of Boxing ABC
Mickey Piner 54kg Hayes ABC 
Allan Richardson 57kg White Rose ABC 
Howard Hayes 60kg Plant Works ABC
Terry Henderson 67kg Robert Browning ABC
Dave Wallington  75kg Keystone Boys ABC
Johnny Frankham 81kg Reading ABC 
George Harris 91kg Royal Navy 

Dave had about 140 fights and 25 Internationals boxing for England against Denmark, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Holland, East Germany, West Germany, Romania, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Wales.

Dave is now (2003) trainer at the Kettering Amateur Boxing Club in Regent Street, Kettering.

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