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John Meads 2010
Parade Days in the 1960s - The Queens

1961 Queen Barbara Ridgeway. 1962 Queen Diane Knighton and 1961 Qeen Barbara Ridgeway
1961 Queen, Barbara Ridgeway,
reading the royal proclamation.
Lesley Betts and Jane Beddoes
are her attendants.
1962 Queen, Diane Knighton, is
presented with the Bright Cup by
the '61 Queen, Barbara Ridgeway

1964 Queen, Sheila Ellson, accepting a cup from 1963 Queen E. Bailey 1964 Queen, Sheila Ellson with Barbara Yates and Eileen Moisey
1964 Queen, Sheila Ellson,
accepting the Bright Cup, from
the 1963 Queen E....... Bailey
The newly crowned 1964 Queen, Sheila Ellson, flanked by her attendants
Barbara Yates (left) and Eileen Moisey (right)

1965 Queen Christine Benford with her parents and attendants Teresa Randall and Kathy Benford Christine Benford after the 1965 crowning
Mr & Mrs George Benford stand proudly beside their daughter Christine, the 1965
Carnival Queen. Her attendants are Teresa Randall and other daughter Kathy Benford
Christine Benford in her robes after
the ceremony

Rita Barber, Carol Allen and Yvonne Desborough in 1966 Mr Richard Loake, Rita Barber, Carol Allen, Yvonne Desborough, Christine Benford and Mrs Loake
The successful contestants after the selection of the 1966 Queen.
L-R: Attendant Rita Barber, the Queen Carol Allen and attendant
Yvonne Desborough
After the 1966 crowning at Fernbank, the home of Mr & Mrs
Richard Loake, who are standing with the queen and her attendants. L-R: Mr Loake, Rita Barber, the Queen Carol Allen, attendant Yvonne Desborough, 1965 Queen Christine Benford and Mrs Loake.

1966 Queen Carol Allen with parents Barbara & Clifford.
Denise Desborough and her sister Yvonne in 1966 Alf Caffrey receiving the proceeds of Carol Allen's coffee evening
Barbara and Clifford Allen with their
daughter Carol following
the 1966 crowning ceremony
Denise Desborough takes the
opportunity to have her photo
taken with her sister Yvonne
Later in 1966, Carol Allen organised a coffee evening at her
parents' home to raise funds for Xmas parcels for the
elderly. She is seen here handing £40.3s.6d to
Alf Caffrey, chairman of the Charity Committee

Miss Burton Latimer

Alf Caffrey and Carol Allen in 1967 Lesley Gardner being crowned by Mrs Inwood in 1968 Carol Allen hands over to Lesley Gardner in 1968 Lesley Gardner with some of her family in 1968
Owing to a financial crisis, the
Charities Committee decided not
to hold a competition in 1967
but asked Carol Allen to continue
as queen for another year. She
is seen here with Alf Caffrey at
the 1968 crowning ceremony
Alumasc Chairman's wife Mrs C.R.
Inwood crowns Lesley Gardner, the
1968 Queen, now with the title
"Miss Burton Latimer"
Carol Allen hands over to the
new queen Lesley Gardner in
1968 while attendant
Lesley Neville looks on
A family affair. Lesley with
her two little brothers and
??? after the ceremony

Alf Caffrey, Julie Randall, Lesley Gardner, Lesley Neville, Hilda Morby and Albert Morby Lesley Neville, Miss Burton Latimer Lesley Gardner and Julie Randall
The 1968 crowning ceremony was held at the home of Mr & Mrs Peck
in Regent Road. L-R: Alf Caffrey, Julie Randall, Lesley Gardner,
Lesley Neville, Mrs Hilda Morby and BLUDC Chirman Albert Morby
Miss Burton Latimer 1968 Lesley Gardner flanked by Lesley Neville
and Julie Randall

We can find no evidence of competitions to find a Gala Queen (or Miss Burton Latimer) after 1968
In 1975 a competition was held to find a Combined Charities Princess
organised by the Burton Latimer Committee for the Blind, Burton Latimer
Scouts, the Swimming Pool Trust and Kettering Round Table

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