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John Meads 2017
Hockey in Burton Latimer

Only recently has it emerged that Burton Latimer had a hockey team in the early 1900s. Whether it was a men's women's or mixed team is not yet known although a report about the formation of the Wellingborough club the same year only mentions male members. Below are some of the newspaper cuttings that show team fixtures and give details. Where the team played is also not yet clear. As a guess, I would think that it was at the cricket club in Kettering Road but, hopefully, this will be made clearer if more information is forthcoming. Judging from the limited information available, the team wasn't particularly successful, which may account for the fact that nothing has been found after 1903 ... yet.
The fixture list below from the Bedfordshire Times & Independent dated 9th November 1900 and the smaller clipping is from the same newspaper dated 7th December 1900.

The Evening Telegraph reported on 24th November 1900 that Wellingborough beat Burton Latimer 11-1. On 10th December it reported that Bedford had beaten Burton Latimer 12 - 1.

On 24th January 1902, the Bedfordshire Times reported on a match at Bedford against Burton Latimer: "The return match was played in the Park on Saturday, Bedford were very weak owing to the absence of their usual backs and halves but in the first five minutes of the game Bedford had rushed the ball down to the visitor's goal and scored. During the first half of the game the play was mostly confined to the Burton Latimer goal, and although the visitors tried an occasional rush, they were only allowed to score once. After half-time neither side seemed to be able to score, though Bedford were continually in the visitor's circle. When the whistle blew Bedford were the winners by 4 goals to 1". The names of the Bedford team are listed but unfortunately not their visitors'.

The Buckingham Advertiser and North Bucks Free Press 7th November 1903 included the report below

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