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Hogan 'Kid' Bassey in Burton Latimer

Hogan Kid Bassey signing autographs 1956

There was great excitement in 1956 when the holder of the Commonwealth Featherweight Boxing title visited Coles Boot Company and spared some time to sign autographs for children living near the company offices in Newman Street. Hogan 'Kid' Bassey was born in Nigeria but settled in Britain to further his boxing career. He went on to win the World Featherwieght Title in 1957 and held it until 1959. The photograph above, kindly loaned by Norman Panter, shows the boxer surrounded by his fans and apparently signing Barry Stephenson's autograph book. The children are: L-R: David Bennett, Keith Eady, Philip Robinson, Norman Panter, ..?.., ..?.., Andrew Coles, ..?.., Barry Stephenson, Kid Bassey, David Moisey and June Charlton. The name of the other adult is not known. Please let us know if you were there and are one of the children whose face is obscured.

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