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Our M.P.s Among Their Constituents

A collection of photographs of Members of Parliament for Kettering among their constituents in Burton Latimer

Trades Queen contest 1939 John Profumo MP, Cllrs. Miller, Ma Batty, Mackintosh, Tailby, Batty, etc
John Profumo standing in the centre at the back after the Burton Latimer Trades
Queen contest in 1939,
John Profumo standing on a Humber Armoured Car during a fund-raising
effort in 1940 with some Burton Latimer councillors. He was a captain in the
RoyalArmoured Corps and later served with the Northamptonshire Yeomanry
Len Patrick, Gilbert Mitcheson, Kath Burrows Barbara Castle, Geoffrey de Freitas, Dr. Ken Padget
Gilbert Mitchison seated next to Kath Burrows and opposite Len Patrick (both
Labour councillors) at a Labour Party gathering in the Co-op Hall
Health Minister Barbara Castle, Geoffrey de Freitas MP and Dr.

Ken Padget at Burton Latimer Health Centre in 1974

Sir Geoffrey de Freitas at June Smith's civic ball in 1977
Bypass group in 1987

Roger Freeman MP 1991
Sir Geoffrey de Freitas (on the left 3rd from end) at June Smith's Civic Ball 1977
Above left at the Houses of Parliament in 1987: Minister of Transport Peter
Bottomley MP, Roger Freeman MP, Cllr. Jim Aveling and Cllr. Chris Groome.
Above right:Roger Freeman at the bypass opening on October 12 1991.
Philip Hollobone MP
Philip Hollobone MP in the foreground at
the war memorial c2010
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