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John Meads 2018 extracted from the Evening Telegraph 22 February 1939
Shocks at the Old Folks Treat
(A Slave Dance in the Baptist Assembly Room)

Rev. Angus A. McNaughton,
who missed the show
Coun. Oliver Tailby who thought it "ungracious
to complain."


Not Suitable Say Some" - "Very Enjoyable Say Others"


Differences of opinion appear to exist in Burton Latimer regarding the suitability of some of the items rendered by a girl artiste at a concert at Burton Latimer Old Folk's Treat given in the Baptist Assembly Room last week.

The artiste, Dilys Doreen, one of the Gordon Ray Girls, London, gave songs and dances of undoubtedly high artistic excellence, but certain of the old folk suggested that she was too scantily attired for her items to be suitable for an old folk's concert.

"It might be very good in London, or for young people; but it was not suitable for a Burton Old Folk's Treat," some of them say.
Others say they saw nothing to be shocked at in Miss Doreen's performance, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The Rev. Angus A. McNaughton, minister of the Baptist Church, in whose Assembley Room the concert was held, told the "Evening Telegraph" that he did not see the concert, owing to another meeting but he heard that several old folk were shocked by it.

One of these was Miss S. Downing, aged 81, of 88 Alexandra-street, who is a cripple, and who has attended all the Old Folk's Treats but two in Burton Latimer since they were started about 40 years ago. "I have never seen anything like that before at the treat," she said.

"I do not suppose there is any real harm in it but it is the looks of the thing. I hope to goodness it will be stopped." Mrs. A. Baish, of 90, Alexandra-street, said that such items were all right for young people but not at an old folks treat.

Likewise a man present, Mr. H. Carvell, of 42 Alexandra-street, told the "Evening Telegraph" he disapproved. "I dare say young people, or London people, would not take any notice." he said.

Opposite opinions were expressed by Coun. O. Tailby, a member of the Old Folk's Treat Committee. "I think most of the old folks enjoyed Miss Doreen's items." he said. "They told me they did afterwards." He explained that Miss Doreen gave her services and he thought it was ungracious to criticise.
Another feature of the entertainment causing comment was that Miss Doreen was put into the Chapel vestry for her costume changes. Among Miss Doreen's items were an acrobatic "slave dance" and several song and dance numbers.

An "Evening Telegraph" reporter who saw two of her items states that she was wearing more than is often worn by artistes on the variety stage. He adds that Miss Doreen's items were enthusiastically applauded.
Mrs. Barlow, 82, Alexandra-street, another old person interviewed, would give no opinion one way or the other.
Mr. T.H. Harvey, Clerk to Burton Council and to the Old Folk's Treat Committee was away from Burton Latimer today (Wednesday) and a deputy told the "Evening Telegraph" that he wished to say nothing, apart from pointing out that Miss Doreen generously gave her services.
It is understood that Miss Doreen consented to give her services to the Old Folk's Treat Committee through her father, a traveller in typewriters who visits Burton Latimer Council offices regularly.

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