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Article from Kettering Evening Telegraph, August 31st 2000

Walk This Way!

After six to seven years of campaigning by a Burton Latimer Town Councillor a path way was opened allowing for walkers to go on a new ramble in the town.

Cllr David Davies was given the full backing of his fellow town councillors to get public access granted over a field.

The permitted path off Wold Road, Burton Latimer allows walkers to go across the field and meet up with the UA6 footpath, which runs from the Roundhouse, creating a new round trip for walkers.

Cllr Davies said: "This is something Burton Latimer Town council felt needed to be opened and the council fully supported it."

The owner of the land, Mr Beaty was unable to be present at the opening due to work demands.

Photograph showing council representatives at the opening of the new path

Present at the path's opening were (L-R) Burton Latimer town Cllr David Davies, Chairman of town council Cllr Robert Field, town councillor Joan Griffiths and Clerk of the council, George Sneddon.

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