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Vic Cole

Double Bass

Vic Cole - Double bass Joe Daniels and His Hot shots
VIC COLE, the Burton Latimer
double bass player will broadcast
with Joe Daniels and his Hot
Shots over the Regionals at 7.30

Evening Telegraph 27 June 1939
Joe Daniels and His Hot Shots
performing on stage

Joe Daniels is on the drums with Vic
Cole on the double bass behind him

Evening Telegraph 27 June 1939 - Vic Cole, of Burton Latimer, who recently completed a stage tour with Joe Daniels and His Hot Shots, will be on the air again tonight with the band. Mr. Cole plays the double bass, and the broadcast will be from the London regional studio at 7.30.

Vic (Victor William) Cole was the son of Jonathan and Fanny Cole - Jonathan was an engineer. Vic was born in 1912 when the family was living in Rock Terrace. They later moved to 14 Rosebery Street where his brothers Frank and Derick and sister Nina were born. He married Doris Lane in 1934.

Joe Daniels formed his Hot Shots whilst he was with Harry Roy and began a long series of records for Parlophone where the recording manager, Oscar Price, asked him for 'any titles so long as they've got some drums on them'. Daniels obliged with a vengeance. He turned down the chance of royalty payments in favour of a £10 fee. He regretted that when the records were later issued in Russia, Japan, China and the US. The Hot Shots continued until 1951 (Daniels served in the RAF where he ran a quintet during the war), touring dance halls and music halls.

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