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Wilf Potter's Collegians Band

Wilf Potter's Collegians Dance Band
Wilf Potter (with the violin) and his Collegians Dance Band

Wilfred J Potter was born in 1907, the son of William George and Annie Potter. He formed his dance band in ther late 1920s and it played around the district through the 1930s. The late Albert Buckby, whose photograph this is, said that he remembered them playing in the British Legion Room in the 1930s. Wilf's daughter, Kathleen, says that he went on to play in many bands and was still playing in his 70s. She says that the family was used to him being out on Saturday nights and playing for weddings, Christmases, at parties etc. and also practising at home on the saxaphone, clarinet and violin. His sister Pearl - married name Fennell - also played the piano at events in Burton Latimer.

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