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Gala Queen - Pen Pictures

During the 1950's, the programme for the annual Parade & Gala contained a variety of information including a few paragraphs of information about the Gala Queen and her attendants.

L to R; Lucy Whitelock, June O'Neil, Frances Muir

1954: June Mona O'Neil - Gala Queen

June is 22 years of age. She is employed as a drapery assistant by the Burton Latimer Co-operative Society Ltd. We are told that June is an excellent swimmer and she selects boxing and football as the sports she likes to watch. Her hobbies are needlework and rug-making. Danny Kaye and Robert Mitchum are her favourite film stars, and Benny Hill is her favourite television artist.

Frances Anne Muir - Attendant

Frances was born in Redhill, Surrey and came to Burton latimer as an evacuee. Francis is now 18 years of ageand is employed as a shorthand typist by Burton latimer Urban District Council. Baseball, swimming and netball are her favourite sports and piano playing is her "at home" pastime. June Allyson and James Stewart are her favourite film stars.

Lucy Magaret Whitelock - Attendant

Lucy, who is 18 years of age, was born in South Devon and became a citizen of Burton Latimer at the age of 1 year.She is employed by a local frm of cereal manufacturers as an assistant nurse. Lucy is a keen swimmer and tennis player. Her hobbies are reading, dancing and knitting. She selects Doris Day and Kenneth More as her favourite film stars.

L to R; Marion Wright (seated), Jean Hull, Julie Wright, Frances Muir, Richard Cholerton, Lucy Whitelock, Eileen Stokes

1955: Frances Anne Muir - Gala Queen

Miss Muir is 19 years of age and in 1954 was an attendant to the Queen of that year. She is employed by Burton Latimer Urban District Council, and is also a Sunday School teacher at the Mission Room. She was educated at the Burton Latimer Council School, and underwent a course of commercial subjects at the Kettering Technical School. As her favourite film she nominates "On the Waterfront" - starring Malon Brando

Jean Edith May Hull - Attendant

This is the first occasion that we have had the opportunity of acclaiming Miss Hull as an attendant to our Queen. She is 17 years of age, and unlike both Frances and Lucy was born in Burton Latimer. For the past two years Jean has been employed by "Kaycee" Clothing factory as a wages clerk. Her favourite film star is Dirk Bogarde, and her great ambition is to travel abroad.

Lucy Margaret Whitelock - Attendant

For the second year in succession Miss Whitelock has been selected as an attendant. Aged 19, Lucy was born in Brixham, Devon and brought to Burton Latimer at a young age. She was educated at the Burton Latimer Council School where she was a keen outdoor sports girl, and indeed still is. With the ambition of becoming a state registered nurse she was first employed in the service of the Kettering General Hospital, and for the past thirteen months has been nurse at the surgery of Messrs. Weetabix Limited.

L to R; Pauline Talbot, Angela Coleman, Magaret Thurlow

1956: Pauline Jeanette Talbot - Gala Queen

Miss Talbot is 17 years of age and was born at Kibworth Beauchamp, Leicestershire. She is employed in the office of W.D. Evans (Burton Latimer) Ltd, and her ambition is to become a private secretary. Pauline was educated at Kettering High School and her many hobbies include dancing and needlework. Sunday School teaching and membership of the Mission Church Choir are but two facets of her social life.

Maureen Angela Coleman - Attendant

Miss Coleman, the only member of the trio to have been born in Burton Latimer, is employed at the Burton Latimer factory of Ideal Clothiers Ltd. She is 18 years of age and a frequent visitor to the cinema. As a matter of interest she nominates "Blackboard Jungle" as her favourite film. Unlike many young ladies of her age, Maureen has the ambition to become a interior decorator and would also very much like to visit Rome.

Magaret Ellen Elizabeth Thurlow - Attendant

Miss Thurlow is 19 years of age and was born on Coronation Day 1937 at Long Buckby. Magaret is employed as a shorthand typist by messrs Whitney & Westley Ltd. Social life takes up a great deal of her spare time. Like Pauline, she is a Sunday School teacher at the Mission Church, where she is also the Rector's Warden. She is a keen athlete and holds the office of Vice-Chairman of the Kettering Town Harriers (Ladies Section).

L to R; Sadie Williamson, Jennifer Smith, Pat Johnson, (young lady - unknown), Corrine Saddington

1957: Sadie Williamson - Gala Queen

Miss Williamson is 23 years of age and was born at Bessbrook, County Armargh, Northern Ireland, and at the present time lives at 2, The Crescent, Burton Latimer. She is employed by the Co-operative Society in Burton latimer and works in their offices. sadie was educated at Burton latimer County School, and her hobbies areneedlework and knitting. Unlike her attendants, she is engaged, and her ambition is to be married and to be a good housewife. Finally as a note of interest, Sadie still visits her relations in Northern Ireland, and she will be flying there a week after Gala day.

Patricia M. Johnson - Attendant

Miss Johnson is 16 years of age and was born in Desborough. At the present timeshe lives at the Brittania Club, Burton Latimer. She is employed in hairdressing by Mrs Vera Turner and her ambition is to have her own hairderssing salon. Pat is a Rock 'n' Roll enthusiast and, incidentally won the competition held in Burton Latimer in May this year.

Jennifer M. Smith - Attendant

Miss Smith is, like Pat , 16 years of ageand was born at West Haddon. At the present time she lives at 131 High Strret, Burton latimer. Jennifer is employed by Messrs Whitney and Westley Limited, a member firm of Coles Group, and is very fond of children. She would like very much to become a children's nurse. Jennifer, also, likes Rock & Roll and her choice of film star is the same as Pat's, namely Rock Hudson.

L to R; Kay Jempson, Pat Johnson, Mrs Cissie Benford, Jennifer Smith

1958: Patricia M. Johnson - Gala Queen

Miss Johnson is 17 years of age and lives at the Britannia Club. She is employed in hairdressing by "Marie" in Kettering and aspires to own her own salon. She was an attendant to last years Gala Queen.

Jennifer M. Smith - Attendant

Miss Smith is also 17 and, like Pat was an attendant last year. Jennifer lives at 131 High Street and is employed by MessrsWhitney and Westley Limited.

Kay Jempson - Attendant

Kay was born in Burton Latimer and is employed by the Co-operative Society, working on the Mobile Grocery Shop. She is very fond of dancing but her ambition is to be able to travel abroad.

L to R: Barbara Marlow, Peggy Hull, Albert Morby, Davina Cooper,
Mrs Norma Beddoes (at microphone)

1960: Peggy Hull - Gala Queen

Peggy is 17 years old and is employed as a telephonist by the G.P.O. Born in Burton Latimer, she lives at 28 West Avenue. She was educated at Kettering High School. Her pastimes are dancing and playing tennis, and her favourite film star is Dirk Bogarde. This is the first timethat she has entered the contest and the applause that greeted the announcement that she had won shows that she is a popular choice.

Davina Cooper - Attendant

This is Davina's second year as an attendant, having come second in the points score. She is 17 years old and is employed in the office of Nutt & Co., Finedon. She was educated at Kettering technical College. She is fond of dancing, swimming and music. She was born in Burton Latimer and lives at 4 Elm Road.

Barbara Marlow - Attendant

Barbara is 18 years old and is employed in the shoe room at E.K. Coles Ltd. Her pastimes are reading, swimming and dancing. She lives on the caravan site at Meeting Lane.

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