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Northamptonshire Advertiser article, 21st February 1969

Civic Ball Success

Local dignitaries at the Civic Ball (Mr & Mrs Morby 5th & 4th from left)

On Thursday last week everyone had a chance to show what Burton can do given a chance. The occasion was the town's Civic Ball at Wicksteed Park and the guests were obviously determined to make the evening go with a bang. "I never realised that there was so much glamour in Burton," said one of the lady guests. She had a right to be surprised. Walking through town earlier that day no-one would have guessed that a few hours later the women of Burton would be gliding round the ballroom floor partnered by their dinner-jacketed escorts. Burton had a long wait for this night. The last civic ball was five years ago but no-one had forgotten how to enjoy themselves. There was only one glum face, that of Dale Morby, the ten-year-old son of the chairman of Burton Council. He was rather unhappy with the goings-on of his elders and spent most of the evening looking as if football seemed a far more sensible way of passing the evening. If the next civic ball takes as long as this one he may enjoy it a lot more.

The Rev D Hole Rector of Burton Latimer enjoying the dancing with Dr V Hunt

The ball gives the guests an enjoyable night but also benefitted local charities. Proceeds from the ball went to a number of good causes in the town. Sir Geoffrey de Freitas was to have been present but was detained in London, Lady de Freitas was there on his behalf. Mr John Taylor, prospective Conservative candidate for Kettering attended with his wife. There were visitors from other councils including representatives from Irthlingborough, Rothwell, Raunds and Desborough. Mr A A Morby, chairman of Burton Latimer Urban Council and his wife welcomed the 420 guests as they arrived. After the dinner Mr Morby said he would keep speeches to a minimum and let the guests enjoy themselves. He hoped everyone would support the charities and wished the guests a pleasant evening.

A total of £135 6s 8d was raised at the ball, and the money allocated to local charities as follows; Burton Latimer Blind Committee £15, Burton Latimer British Legion Benevolent Fund £10, Burton latimer Ols People's Welfare Committee£40, Burton Latimer Parish Church Restoration Fund £5, Burton Latimer St JohnAmbulance Loan Cupboard £10, Burton Latimer TB Care Committee £10, Kerry Moon Fund £5 6s 8d, Kettering & District Hospitals Samaritan Fund £5, Kettering & District Multiple Sclerosis Society for Mentally Handicapped Children £25

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