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"Acting the Goat" - 1936

Leisure Pursuits in Burton Latimer - 1930's
One of the many Church Groups in town
Queueing for the Electric Palace cinema
One of the towns football teams

During the 1930's there were numerous clubs and societies within Burton Latimer, which catered for a variety of interests and pastimes. However, this was not enough for some residents, as the Yorkshire Post reported in December 1936.

"Respectable residents of Burton Latimer, Northamptonshire, think nothing of seeing a pig being led down the High Street on a lead. If they find a couple of young men performing a Blondin act along a bridge parapet, they simply murmur "Ah, the Crazy Eight, I suppose." and go on talking about the weather.

The Crazy Eight are young factory workers who not finding enough "pep" in life have taken it upon themselves to brighten the daily round. "We are trying to recapture the spirit of Merrie England." said Mr A.T. Grainger, one of the Eight "We should like to see clubs like this in other towns so that we could visit one another and have some real fun."

It seems rough luck on the revolutionaries that hardly anyone takes notice of their pranks. "Trouble?" said the sergeant at the police station. "None at all. Quite a harmless lot of lads, I know all about them of course, but they haven't worried me yet."

It's a hard life - being a reformer."

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